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  1. thank you guys for help , if u r curious of what I bought, I stumbled on a used ASUS G751JL on amazon for £450 (I have no idea how I missed this deal before I checked the form)
  2. thanks, then I will probably get this one, the msot gaming my parents do is games like FTL
  3. thanks for the help, but this has onboard graphics from what I can see (please repair me if I am wrong)
  4. So I done research on this and I found a great deal for a laptop, which was a laptop with a 960m and an i7 for only £400, but then it got cancelled a few days after ordering so I am for a search of a new one, I want them to buy a laptop with 8 gig of ram, an average-low GPU, and a CPU similar to their current one (i5 3317U) and a screen that is 15 inch or bigger. They don't mind if the laptop is used as long as it is in a decent condition and they prefer it to be £600 or lower (preferably under 600). PS: sound quality,keyboard and touchpad and quality doesn't matter.
  5. update: reliability monitor tells that it is unexpected so it's probably hardwere-related
  6. yep, once it crashed once and at that time I fully reinstalled my OS butit didn't help.
  7. I built my PC a year ago and sometimes it randomly. (my PC link in signature, but I have a 650g PSU not the bronze one there) the problem is that the PC just randomly shuts down (sometimes during gaming sometimes during idle) and (99% of the time) also reset itself and I get no blue screen. My PC is not on a power strip and I did run memtest86++ so my memory isn't a problem, my dust filters are cleaned and temps are good. But I think a few things may be causing it: -I never overclocked, but it looks like I might have pressed something by mistake as shown by the picture (from task manager
  8. what about if when you press the win+p you select second screen only? could that help? (idk much about this, so I'm just guessing)
  9. So I have a brother who managed to break his laptop somehow, and now it is now on a different laptop, but also the other laptop has its problems) and I am trying to fix it for him. The first laptop he has is totally broken and doesn't even power on. I tried to power it on once and it switched on but then the battery went low and it switched off again. The problem is that every time it starts it "runs out of power" and switches off. I tried getting a new power cord but that didn't help. I will try to replace the fuse, but it would require opening the whole laptop and wouldn't guaran
  10. I currently have an r9 390 but I have my family who have prebuild PC's and are thinking of upgrading
  11. I want to change my ISP because my one is quite slow is there any website where I can compare the internet prices and how quick they are?
  12. I have an XL2411Z LCD monitor, and it got scratched, so I am buying a replacement one, however, I have some questions about some things 1. on the corener of my monitor it says XL2411 but on the invoice it says XL2411Z, why is there the difference, https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/benq-monitor-xl2411z the PcPartPicker website for it. 2. does anyone know the difference of what do the letters at the end mean 3. while I was searching for the monitor I found that there is a calibration profile for windows, but I couldn't find the official website