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  1. I'm probably just going to go with ubuntu so using any windows image software wont help, I got the files I needed off it so I can start work again quickly. I should be fine but it's a waste of time and it happened at a really awkward moment for me.
  2. Yeah it's unfortunate that any diagnostics are showing that windows and the ssd are perfectly fine. I really didn't want to do a clean reinstall but I guess that's my only option. (I can of course go back to the store but if their testing results in it being completely fine I get charged and I cant afford that, payday so far away)
  3. I'm unable to test it in another computer. I did run some tests on the ram though just in case it was that.
  4. Hello, my desktop started to have freezing issues a month or two ago around the time when I got a new ssd. It was fairly random but happened more when under load, recently it got worse and now it got rare to get past the windows login screen and even then it would freeze when opening something like file explorer. The freeze happens only when reaching the OS, and it seems to have stopped when switching out the ssd for another one (the ssd was the boot drive). Using a few different tools I tried to find a crash report of some kind but failed, I ran a check on the SSD using windows diagnostics, s
  5. Anyone can tell me if i am able to create a widget that updates every 10 min or so. By update with an example i mean a progress bar increases or graphics change. Is this possible or does it need a manual update from user interaction ?
  6. Below is a link to the question on stack overflow I have tried a number of things such as checking if the images are constantly being imported, checking if the player current sprite is constantly being changed instead of only when needed, repainting only when the player moves, repainting the player, instead of using resize in the program for images resizing externally, switching from JFrame to JPanel and doing testing there. Does anyone have any new solutions they can bring it would save my life and make me happy. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39891560/java-imported-images-fli
  7. Recently I got myself a Dell laptop (latitude) for programming and education but I noticed an annoying issue with it being there is a second monitor plugged in. There is no physical monitor but in the display settings and device manager there is a visible second monitor. I may also note I can move my mouse to that monitor. I tried disabling it through the device manager but that does not do the trick. Any help ?
  8. I am starting to dwell into the use of JSON files for various reasons, but I am having trouble parsing them from the resource folder. I used the getResource before for getting images from the resource folder like so: ImageIcon a_1 = new ImageIcon(FrontHand.class.getResource("/Images/player_sprite.gif")); player_sprite = a_1.getImage(); but I cannot seem to get the same method of receiving files working for the JSON file. I have tried adding the same method to getting the JSON file, but it recommended me to get the information as a string which I did then failed to find the
  9. BTW I am using Jframe/Jpanel if that makes any difference.
  10. So I need help getting my image imports and my soundtrack to be relative to the project. Below are going to be some examples of how I am currently importing images and the soundtrack. Images: ImageIcon a = new ImageIcon("C:/Users/Home/IdeaProjects/Game/src/game/sprites/user_sprite_down.png"); player = a.getImage(); Sound: String gongFile = ("C:/Users/Home/IdeaProjects/Game/src/game/music/game_track.wav"); InputStream in = new FileInputStream(gongFile); AudioStream audioStream = new AudioStream(in); AudioPlayer.player.start(audioStream); Any ideas ?
  11. Problem I am having an issue with my laptop, the plastic hinge part on the bottom of the screen is popping out on the right. No wait it has popped out to the right so the whole screen is only connected through wires and the left part. I have some images below that are terrible quality but I don't have anything better to take a picture with so just try your best to have a look. What can you suggest ? Images
  12. The game itself is very complex and then making a pygame version of it will be annoying enough so i really dont want to be converting between versions too.