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    Jurunce got a reaction from Ben17 in Reports are Fry's is officially dead as of the end of the day   
    I remember back in 2016, was where I purchased the first set of components for my X99 system that would become my first build. Then in 2017, was when I made the jump from the EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB FTW to the Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB ROG Strix OC, which still stands as one of the best upgrades I ever made. All but the EVGA graphics card were purchased at the San Diego location.
    I also bought storage drives there as well. The 480GB PNY CS1311 SSD, 3TB WD Red (2016), and 8TB Toshiba HDD (~2019) I run were all purchased there.
    The last few times I went to a Fry's Electronics store personally, I knew that the writing was on the wall, based on the vast empty shelves and lack of visitors at the two stores I visited the most. My parents shopped there as well for their PC needs, and the last time my mother visited one, she decided to call it quits for shopping there too. Too bad they went under. I can only believe they made some really awful business decisions that led to this bankrupcy, and that's not even considering last year, which only made matters worse. What I also believe was that they tried to diversify too much (stocking non-PC or electronics items -- the likes of which you would normally find at a Target), rather than keeping a narrow focus on consumer electronics. Additionally, they weren't really stocking enough high-end PC hardware from brands that were strongly in demand, especially the watercooling hardware (like who wants to buy Thermaltake watercooling hardware when EKWB, Bitspower, and the like were more in-demand and often made better-quality components?). The most expensive motherboard I ever purchased was the Asus ROG Rampage V Edition 10, and Fry's did not have that motherboard at all. That was an online purchase.
    Like what Linus said about NCIX, I do think Fry's should have scaled their storefronts back, got rid of their general goods selection (I still think this is the worst decision period) as well as their automotive electronics, stopped the internet pricing campaign (online sales really are hurting walk-in retail stores' revenue), started to stock actually good and in-demand PC hardware and other consumer electronics, among other decisions to bring the focus back onto consumer electronics for the home, and come up with a few things that no other retailer could have come up with so that they (business owners) can sell the brand. The themed storefronts were cool for their time, but they ended up becoming too much of a gimmick IMO, and all of the space could have been used for warehousing for a shipping network for smaller-scale storefronts.
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    Jurunce reacted to Middcore in Reports are Fry's is officially dead as of the end of the day   
    I still don't know why it's so important to you to argue this point. Some sort of vendetta against MC maybe? Much as I'd love the chance to someday hear the story there, I guess I'll just have to miss out because I'm putting you on my ignore list instead. 
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    Jurunce reacted to Middcore in Reports are Fry's is officially dead as of the end of the day   
    Now being confirmed by news media. https://www.kron4.com/news/national/frys-electronics-permanently-closes-nationwide/
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    Jurunce reacted to TVwazhere in Prices For Various PC Components Have Just Gotten More Expensive/Are Expected to Get More Expensive in the US Due to Tariffs   
    Given that people are already paying over MSRP for many of the GPU's because they eiher want to build a gaming PC or a mining farm, unlikely. 
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    Jurunce reacted to Grumpy Old Man in which video are you watching right now?   
    Malfunction sucks. 😒
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    Jurunce got a reaction from ObscureMammal in What song are you listening to right now.   
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    Jurunce reacted to MageTank in Nvidia Sold $175 Million Worth of GeForce RTX 30 GPUs To Crypto Miners   
    That is the beauty of the subjective nature of this issue. Neither side has to come to an agreement on anything as neither side is doing anything wrong. Miners are simply consumers that are using their product differently to how you believe it should be used. No different than the kids that go out and lower their Honda Civics, cut their exhausts by several inches then pretend they are characters from Fast & Furious. Honda didn't intend for them to make a poor attempt at turning their Civic's into a street racing phenomenon, but the will of the consumer was strong enough to endeavor to persevere, in spite of what most of us would consider to be a "stupid" and "pointless" endeavor.
    Now scalpers... that is an entirely different issue, however I am bound to make some enemies here with yet another unpopular opinion. What most of you call "scalping", I call capitalism. They are taking advantage of an opportunity. One can spend all day arguing the morality of it, but at the end of the day, scalpers would not exist if there were not a market for it. Otherwise, they would be sitting on hardware that nobody is buying. You can't blame the miners on this, because they care too much about their ROI that they refuse to overpay for GPU's upfront, so someone is clearly making the scalping worth it for the scalpers.
    With that said, I should probably add a disclaimer before people rush to assume that I myself am a scalper. I am not, still waiting to get my hands on a 3080 for personal use that doesn't belong to my testing facility. Much like the rest of you, I have to wait and refresh websites for availability and do the hokey pokey every time I go online. I've made several physical visits to my local Micro Center store in the hopes that they'd randomly have one in stock but it has yet to happen.
    My point is, I personally do not take what is going on personally, nor do I choose to cast blame at any party in this shortage. In an ideal world, the scalping issue would be addressed by both the retailers (in-store purchase limits, online order limits per household / billing information) and manufacturers (producing enough product to meet the demands in the first place). The mining "issue" as far as I am concerned, isn't one. They, as consumers, are no less entitled to the same hardware we are as gamers or overclocking enthusiasts. That said, this "perceived issue" can only ever be addressed by manufacturers meeting the supply needs of all parties involved or for that crypto bubble to burst. You know, that thing the "experts" have been claiming was going to happen for several years now?
    To those of you that will inevitably say "The more GPU's they make, the more the miners will buy", remember, there is only a finite amount of power and space available. They'll hit that wall eventually, or society will evolve to handle crypto mining in space, lol.
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    Jurunce reacted to Master Disaster in EA gets a thorough ass whooping in the Dutch courts over lootboxes   
    This one really made me smile.
    Yesterday the Dutch gambling commission (KSA) won a 12 month court case against EA over them selling lootboxes in Holland. And when I say lost I really mean LOST!!
    It all started in early 2018 when the KSA ruled that lootboxes do in fact come under current Dutch gambling laws and as such should be subject to the same restrictions as other forms of gambling in the country. They gave publishers an ultimatum, change the way lootboxes work/stop selling them in Holland by June 2018 or face the consequences. EA disagreed and refused to do so (which makes no sense since they did pull them from sale in Belgium).
    This is where the story gets interesting. The June 2018 KSA deadline came and went with no action from EA so the KSA made good on their promise, in October 2019 the KSA fined EA 10 million euros for breaking Dutch gambling laws. EA saw fit to challenge the decision in the Dutch court system forcing the KSA to suspend the fine and announcement of the judgement until the case was settled.
    EA's argument was three fold. There's no official way to cash the prizes out, Fifa is a game of skill and not chance and that there's no scientific evidence linking lootboxes with gambling addiction. The courts disagreed on all 3 counts.
    Unlike in other countries, Dutch law says that if a game of chance can be cashed out in any way, it doesn't have to be officially sanctioned, as long as the prize can be shown to have a real world market value, its gambling. Essentially EA created the game and by extension facilitated the creation of the market for the games prizes.
    They said that players can choose to ignore the rest of Fifa and focus entirely on Ultimate Team which is 100% a game of chance.
    Finally they said that evidence does exist and even if it didn't, that doesn't matter. Dutch law says that all games of chance will automatically be assumed to be harmful.
    EA went on to argue that restricting lootboxes violates their rights to property and freedom of expression. Do I need to say any more? To quote Yong Yea "If I rob a bank then claim I was just expressing myself I still end up in jail". Obviously the courts saw right through this one.
    Finally EA argued that disclosing the ruling and the fine to the public would damage their reputation. Yeah, no shit. You do a bad thing it damages your reputation. You know how to avoid that EA? Stop doing bad things.
    EA was given 6 weeks to appeal. It took them less than 24 hours to say they intend to appeal
    Slowly but surely its beginning to happen. Holland and Belgium have both ruled against EA under current laws. The UK are looking at amending laws to fit lootboxes in. The EU parliament is looking into it for a Europe wide decision and law makers in the US have been sniffing around.
    It cannot come soon enough for me.
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    Jurunce reacted to AndrewZScorpion in What is the Risk with These 2 Used Power Supplies?   
    Those things look like they were found on the side of the road, and given the age of the second one, they very well could have been. I would not hook those up to anything of value.
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    Jurunce reacted to Zando Bob in NVIDIA to drop SLI profiles for 2000 series and earlier starting Jan 2021   
    I don't know of any titles outside of Shadow of The Tomb Raider that support DX12 mGPU, but it seems to scale well: https://hardforum.com/threads/dx12-multi-gpu-live-and-well-in-shadow-of-the-tomb-raider.1967930/. 67% gain with dual cards at 1440p, 91% gain at 4K. 
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    Jurunce reacted to RejZoR in NVIDIA to drop SLI profiles for 2000 series and earlier starting Jan 2021   
    It's not dumb when you're wandering into 4K territory with ray tracing and everything maxed out. Maybe for someone 60fps is the "golden baseline", but there are people who are willing to put graphic cards like RTX 3090 into SLi to get higher framerate. You can't possibly get that kind of framerate with single card.
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    Jurunce reacted to Applefreak in Chinese outlet Teclab leaks RTX 3090 benchmarks   
    Those numbers make little sense to me. Gamers Nexus did a live stream and overclocked some RTX 3080 cards on air, seeing almost the same results in Port Royal than the supposed 3090, makes me think they either had the wrong card or did something really wrong in their testing process. There is no way the performance is that bad.
    But then they would have had to use a modified 3080 driver, likely not being able to address more cores on the chip so that makes sense I guess.
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    Jurunce reacted to Gimli in Nvidia 30 Series unveiled - RTX 3080 2x faster than 2080 for $699   
    Looking at EVGA's lineup they're not going with the reference PCB design but rather the traditional design and their water-cooled versions look just like the 20-series.
    I doubt there will be much of a market for aftermarket water blocks for the reference PCB design considering no AIB seem to be using it. The weird shape of the PCB would cost considerably more to manufacture a block for too.
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    Jurunce got a reaction from soldier_ph in Show Yourself [Image]   
    If y'all are wondering what I look like 'till I turn 20 this October 3, here's me at the San Marcos Guitar Center with a Gibson Les Paul Custom (by far my favorite) that carries an eye-watering $4,799 price tag. And the custom-custom version is set to be even higher once I am employed and have the cash on hand
    Though I wish I can put on a better smile though. I don't smile so good. 
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    Jurunce reacted to jonnyGURU in The Curious Case of the 12-pin Power Connector: It's Real and Coming with NVIDIA Ampere GPUs   
    You really think that with only two months until the card launches they're going to pop up and say, "BTW, you need a PSU that doesn't exist!"
    If it's real, it's probably for an adapter cable.  My guess is they're trying to save board space.  We already saw that the card and the cooler are quite huge.  And, according to these drawings, this connector is quite small.  So if it's real, it's not a "planned obsolescence conspiracy" like so many are making it out to be. 
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    Jurunce got a reaction from kirashi in What song are you listening to right now.   
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    Jurunce reacted to Trik'Stari in Australia currently under ongoing cyber hacking attempt   
    What with their active ongoing genocide I still don't understand why the rest of the world has not engaged in a complete and total trade embargo with China, as well as completely blocking them on the internet. Surely there is some way of doing that.
    Sooner or later the rest of the world is going to have to start taking them seriously, they certainly are hostile to almost the entire planet, albeit not overtly.
    One wonders whether or not our "representatives" are merely this ignorant, or are in fact complicit. Please note I am not calling out any single group, party, or individual. I mean as a whole.
    At the least, we need to have a major coalition going to build and maintain a global wifi network that is free to use, as well as an initiative to drop or smuggle laptops with solar chargers, into nations like China and North Korea.
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    Jurunce got a reaction from kirashi in What song are you listening to right now.   
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    Jurunce reacted to RejZoR in Updated - Dr. Ian Cutress weighs in - HWInfo's Power Reporting Deviation Sensor Reveals CPU Lifespan-Reducing AMD Motherboard Enhancements   
    That's a cool feature if it's under full user control. Not liking it if vendors fake it themselves to raise score in benchmarks. Frankly, motherboard benchmarks shouldn't even exist outside of testing if motherboard is doing anything funky (like above thing) or what feature set it offers. Nothing else. Ever single motherboard benchmark I've seen involved performance differences so small it literally didn't matter.
    So, when I'm picking motherboards, features are the only thing I look for, NEVER performance. It's pointless anyway, no motherboard can ever make a big difference unless it's designed badly and underperforms compared to the rest or it lacks features that I want (like arrangement, cooling design, slots on it, IO ports, fan headers etc).
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    Jurunce got a reaction from Haro in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Bunch of stuff came in the mail. Most prominent is that GPU water block 😍

    Also pro tip, don't use the washers. Raises the PCB too high to enable proper contact.
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    Jurunce got a reaction from Eschew in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Bunch of stuff came in the mail. Most prominent is that GPU water block 😍

    Also pro tip, don't use the washers. Raises the PCB too high to enable proper contact.
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    Jurunce got a reaction from soldier_ph in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Bunch of stuff came in the mail. Most prominent is that GPU water block 😍

    Also pro tip, don't use the washers. Raises the PCB too high to enable proper contact.
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    Jurunce reacted to Commodus in Tim Sweeney explains his comments with respect to IO pef on PS5   
    What I suspect: gaming on PCs will have a partial handicap for a while.  While the gap in real-world performance might not be as cavernous as the raw specs would suggest, PCs will have a lot of catching up to do on storage technology.
    Remember, most PC games are still based around spinning hard drives.  It's going to be a long time before game devs can assume that PCs have NVMe SSDs inside, and it's still unclear how the necessary overhead of a standard PC will limit those drives' potential.  One thing's for sure: if you're hoping to play games that behave like they will on the PS5, you should make the leap to all-NVMe storage when you can.
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    Jurunce reacted to soldier_ph in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    You f#cking Donkey 🦥 !
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    Jurunce reacted to W-L in Speaker stands with a 24º tilt angle   
    The dual lock with enough surface area, even hanging vertically downward it can take quite a lot. In it's ideal application you want it to be in shear as that can take a lot of force. 
    This should put you at ease, it's maybe a 2" by 6" area of dual lock.