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  1. That is a direct pass-through straight from the cord coming from the wall , monitors have never used the computers PSU for it's own power. So the wattage on the PSU have never mattered for powering the monitor as it has it's own PSU. It was just a feature to have one less cable from the wall to your whole setup. Think of it like a power strip, one outlet from the wall connected to many different peripherals.
  2. @GoatCrasher it's not cheating if it is ITNOS ??
  3. But you have some awesome super powers with almost 20 000 000 PPD for the time being. What are you renting? Hal 9000?
  4. @azmariadei Then you should get a badge. They must have missed you for some reason. Though, there are two sign-ups, only the one for the folding month give you the badge, the sign up for the LTT Giveaway doesn't. For the sake of ITNOS I award you a badge(r)
  5. Only if you were signed up for the event and met the minimum requirement. If you where, they would had you on their list and you should got your badge automatically, so my guess is you weren't signed up for the event.
  6. Paused the BOINC client so that i don't get more WU:s for the CPU and unleashed 26 of my 32 cores of my dual Xeon E5-2670 goodness to get about 130 000 PPD more. With some luck that is all that is needed to get me above top 200 again and stay there for the rest of the event ? ? ?
  7. Welcome aboard @cpufreak101, always nice with some new members on the team. Hope you keep folding even when the furnace is up and running ? ?
  8. Wohoo... broke top 200 with just a GTX 1060 3GB and an old 750 Ti, not bad, not bad at all ? ? ?
  9. Don't forget to hit that PayPal button and donate fot his fantastic service that we all love and need for our daily dose of p0rn stats...
  10. There is no stabilizing with F@H, there are always days with significant lower PPD than "normal" with some heavy hitting WU:s bringing down the production.
  11. Have you contacted the support at Corsair? They should know.... Ping @Corsair Nick
  12. So yes, two different sign-ups and the folding month is a special event with its own special badge for those who participate and meet the requirements during the month of October. And if you participate and qualify during the month of October, you will get your badge automatically for the event.
  13. How and where you should place the fans depends on where you have your heat-generating components that you want to keep cool. Intake in front or near those and/or exhaust placed so the airflow is directed over those parts on its way out. For dust management the rule of thumb is to have more airflow in than out to have control of where dust can come in and filter it out as much as possible. But you have to account that as inlets usually are filtered and have a mesh or front panel and outlets often just have a fan-grill the intakes need to be able to have higher pressure and airflow than the out
  14. Do you mean in the badge request thread? Then yes, you have to request the badge(s) again as they don't monitor your account, they just do a static check when you request a badge. Is it badges for this event and you have signed up, then you have to wait as the event and thus the qualification for the badges haven't even started yet.
  15. What do you mean by that about the HDD? If you put the system to sleep and it wakes up to the same state with (all) your applications open everything works fine. The feature to wake the system up with a key usually is found in the BIOS/UEFI of a motherboard so you have to check your settings there for sleep-modes and how to wake your system.
  16. We have gone from about 1.5 week to surpass then about 12 hours ago, now it's 1.7 weeks.... ?
  17. How can one verify that one is signed up and all details are correct for the event?
  18. That is simply not true, look at all that perforated area on the slots for the extension cards and above those. The GPU-fan is directly drawing in (fresh) air from that area. But as the top fans are pushing down air the hot air from the GPU is recirculated down and through the GPU again. So your tips about changing the direction of the fans is still valid, and then the front radiator gets cool air from the outside of the case and giving lower temps for the CPU. And by changing the direction of the fans the more air (fresh) air will get sucked in from the vents around the GPU and lo