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    OAcesync reacted to Sombra in Can't get microphone to work via audio port   
    Does the motherboard/case have two plugs? In that case you would need to buy an adapter that will split the audio from the mic and route them to the appropriate plugs. Most computers have one plug for audio output and one for audio input. Phone earbuds are a tad different and have an extra band on the plug for the mic, while computer ones generally don't have that band. So they are physically incompatble. But I got a cheap $2 splitter off amazon and that worked fine. Just make sure to plug the headphone jack and mic plugs into the appropriate places. Here is one that I found, just make sure that yours looks like it:
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    OAcesync got a reaction from DimasRMDO in Any Good Free Screen Recorders for Windows 10?   
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    OAcesync got a reaction from matrix07012 in Any Good Free Screen Recorders for Windows 10?   
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    OAcesync reacted to givegomezthegun in Is it a bad idea to take a part a PSU?   
    If you don't know what you're doing, please don't take a power supply apart.
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    OAcesync reacted to MrChavelo in Swap to 6700k or stick with i7 5960X   
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    OAcesync reacted to minibois in Confused about my i7's core amount?   
    You have 4 cores and 8 threads indeed. Some software reads it as 8 cores though.
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    OAcesync got a reaction from NinjaJc01 in Any Good Free Screen Recorders for Windows 10?   
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    OAcesync reacted to don_svetlio in How much better will Pascal/Arctic Islands be over GCN1.2 and Maxwell?   
    This question can only be ignored as there is NO answer.
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    OAcesync reacted to TriceraFLOPS in Looking to buy a server CPU - is low TDP worth it?   
    well. . . TDP isn't equal to power consumption, but there is a correlation. higher TDP parts consume more power, be it short bursts or continuous.
    TDP is the average power consumption over an extended load, because given enough time to heat soak the parts, power consumed is equal to heat dissapated.
    TDP doesn't take into account short bursts of high power consumption, as they don't have a significant contribution to the heat output.
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    OAcesync got a reaction from TheRandomness in Looking to buy a server CPU - is low TDP worth it?   
    You're making the general confusion.
    TDP has zero correlation with wattage or power consumption, it's rather a measure of cooling and how much heat it can output.
    But low TDP would still be nice for a 24/7 machine
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    OAcesync got a reaction from TheRandomness in custom case   
    If you can't afford a real case don't bother making your own unless you know what you're doing.
    Just setup an open bench 
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    OAcesync got a reaction from NinjaJc01 in Cooling Fan ramps up to 100% on start up [AMD]   
    use MSI AB
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    OAcesync got a reaction from TheRandomness in Cooling Fan ramps up to 100% on start up [AMD]   
    use MSI AB
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    OAcesync reacted to Paralectic in PC build order taking 45 days to finish   
    Discount? Not likely, you've read the terms and conditions I hope.
    It's most likely, as of the lack of supply of the 6700K that the build will take a while, as it already did.
    Once the processor is supplied, your build will be completed and shipped.
    Should've known better, or earlier that it wasn't being built that soon.
    Up to you, get another CPU or wait it out. Or cancel it as a whole.
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    OAcesync got a reaction from Khajiit Dealer in CPU vs GPU for gaming   
    GPU would always generally have bigger impact on gaming and since i5 is little far off the i7 in gaming besides HT, the i5/970 would be better
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    OAcesync reacted to ttam in So i accidentally broke my cpu...   
    The actual PCB is broken off. There is no fixing that
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    OAcesync reacted to SufficientSwimmer in So i accidentally broke my cpu...   
    Buy a new cpu
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    OAcesync got a reaction from Elektroschocker in 6600k   
    More pixels less CPU dependant more GPU dependant, i3 wouldn't bottleneck a top end GPU at 4K
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    OAcesync reacted to Hunter259 in Guys, My G3258 reached 100C... Is it safe   
    That is nearing the limit for thermal shut down. That is not safe at all.
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    OAcesync reacted to T4cC0re in PS4 now runs Linux   
    UPDATE: Found a article on the blog of Fail0verflow. That should be better as it goes into more technical detail:
    The known hacker-group Fail0verflow has done it. Linux runs on the PS4. This was demonstrated at the german hacker-congress 32C3.

    There is some functionality missing, but the general system is working.
    Source: http://www.golem.de/news/jailbreak-linux-und-pok-mon-auf-der-playstation-4-1512-118279.html
    Translation of the source:

    The known hacker-group Fail0verflow has managed to run Linux on the Playstation 4 as well as running an older Pokémon version via emulation.
    A hackergroup named Fail0verflow (https://fail0verflow.com) demonstrated on the 32C3, that the Playstation 4s security mechanisms are apparently mostly circumvented. The hackers not only managed to gain considerable access to the hardware of the console, but also to configure and run Linux.
    [embedded video]
    As a small gag they had a 2005 Pokémon game running in an emulator controlled by an Game Boy advance. Fail0verflow is known in the scene: In 2010s 27C3 the group showed, that they managed to gain access to the Playstation 3.
    The current jailbreak gave the hackers access to multiple components of the Playstation 4. Among others they can access the IRQ-ports, the framebuffer and the modesetting of the kernel as well as wifi and bluetooth. 3D-accelleration, USB and HDMI-audio are currently work in progress.
    Fail0verflow has not disclosed which firmware was used to exploit the console. But the video shows that it is an older verion of the firmware. A few days ago the hacker Cturt has disclosed he had access to the kernel of the Playstation 4 in firmware version 1.76. The most up-to-date firmware is 3.11.
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    OAcesync got a reaction from GeorgeKellow in Cheapest place to buy PC parts in the uk?   
    Tried buying something from it? Overcharge on tax and shipping
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    OAcesync reacted to Godlygamer23 in Can i SLI?   
    Well no. SLI came first before Crossfire. Crossfire is AMD's version of SLI technically. NVIDIA didn't even create SLI.
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    OAcesync reacted to thekeemo in Can i SLI?   
    It can only crossfire not sli
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    OAcesync reacted to Cythraul in Cheapest place to buy PC parts in the uk?   
    Scan has some pretty top notch prices. Also recently bought my GPU from Novatech which was the cheapest I could find of said model.
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    OAcesync got a reaction from CarterDavison in Possible Graphics Card Upgrade   
    Yeah but we're talking about Vram not fps, which can be simply solved with lowering a few settings