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  1. ---------------------------------------------- Summary DBrand's website has preorder links for the Grip Case which fits the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Plus, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The following image is from this link: https://dbrand.com/shop/grip#grip-devices. This seems to confirm the rumors of a 4-phone lineup and the camera modules that will be on each phone. Additionally, there is a preorder ship date of October 2020 which suggests a potential release date. Quotes My thoughts This seems pretty plausible as DBrand wouldn
  2. But it seems as though their batteries are degrading faster than most other phone manufacturers? After having a OnePlus 3T for a year, my battery life and performance haven't changed significantly and especially not to the point of spontaneous shutdowns. Maybe is Apple pushing their components to the limit for the first year which accelerates battery degradation and then throttling once no one cares about the performance numbers anymore? And there's no way a company that spends so much on R&D doesn't know the capabilities of their batteries with the components in the device. They could eas
  3. Google is shutting down the Chrome Apps section of their web store and will remove functionality of previously installed apps in Q1 2018. Chrome Extensions are staying for now. Source: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/12/google-shuts-down-the-apps-section-of-the-chrome-web-store/
  4. I've tried aligning the monitors in display settings but it still doesn't feel natural moving over since there's dead space where it doesn't register. I was thinking more along the lines of a third-party software solution or some obscure setting in Windows 10 if it exists?
  5. Hey guys, So I have an ASUS MG248Q (24", 1080p, 144Hz) monitor and a Samsung UE510 (28", 4K) monitor and noticed that there's a misalignment between the two when I try to move my mouse over? For example, the top quarter of the 4K monitor doesn't seem to connect with the other monitor and I need to move it down before it crosses. Is there a way to fix this software to adjust the scaling issue? I'd prefer not to downgrade the resolution on the 4K monitor if possible. Thanks in advance!
  6. Does anyone know what song they're using in the background at the beginning? (Right after the intro cinematic of the case)
  7. So I just finished building my gaming rig and really want to get a racing game but don't know if I should wait for Forza 7 or not. Thoughts? Running an i7-7700k and a GTX 1070.
  8. So with the global NAND flash shortage, I noticed that M.2 SSDs are getting pretty pricey. I have all the parts for my rig already but wanted an M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD for a boot drive and some application storage. Anyone have any recommendations on decently priced drives around 120-250GB? For reference, part list is here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/GwmGTH
  9. So I've been gaming on a laptop for the last few years and scrapped together a chunk of money to build my own gaming rig. Looking to run triple A games around 60fps at high (not ultra) settings on a 1440p monitor or medium settings at 144Hz (haven't decided yet) as well as heavy multitasking use. Live in the US with access to a Microcenter for a CPU and budget is currently $1000 but willing to go higher if worth the upgrade. I already own a mechanical keyboard and mouse so only parts for the actual tower is going into the budget (I'm budgeting the monitors separately). Currently looking at get
  10. Hey guys, does anyone know of any software that can scan drives and detect files/programs that are rarely used, then uninstall them?
  11. Anyone know what song is in the background at 10:35?
  12. So my external USB 3.0 WD My Passport 1TB HDD started making a buzzing sound starting this morning, and it's not being detected in File Explorer or WD Drive Utilities. How likely is it that the drive died and is there a way to still obtain SMART data on the drive? I bought the drive in August 2013 and don't think I've physically damaged it.
  13. At your budget range, have you taken a look at Sager laptops? They actually have even better specs than the two you listed, includes G-Sync, and allow you to customize specific features.
  14. So if I were to buy a new CPU in the near future, would the "tock" cycle CPUs offer significant performance improvements for the extra price tag compared to a slightly older CPU but with the same lithography?
  15. So microarchitecture improvements are essentially optimizing the physical capabilities of the chip before physically making the transistors closer together for higher speeds? And by doing that, they can essentially sell slightly faster processors as they try to shrink the physical dimensions of the chip? And so why would they move away from that cycle?