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  1. Does anyone know how to setup an auxiliary display with AMD eyefinity in windows 10?? I am using a Vega 64. I can't find any option to remove a monitor from the eyefinity group or tell it to only use 3 of the 4 screens when creating the eyefinity display group. Thanks.
  2. First, Australia pricing is its own thing, not relevant. Second. 1080 ti has 3584 cuda cores. 2080 has 2994 cuda cores. 1080ti msrp $699. 2080 msrp $799. Still double speak. Exactly!
  3. These numbers sound good.. except its double speak. All the cards went up a tier, especially in price. The 2080ti replaces the titan, the 2080 replaces the 1080ti.. etc etc. So if the 2080 is 40% better than the 1080, thats useless. Is 1080ti money. It needs to be 25% better than the 1080ti to be worth it. But its most likely a close tie to the 1080ti.
  4. Facebook will promptly "prove him wrong" but doing to him exactly everything he's outline in his memo. Also i don't think LTT forums is a free and open space where we can talk about these issues, this thread will get locked fast.
  5. Same thing happens on my system. Going to distro hop till I find one that works i guess.
  6. Now someone has to compile the list of games that work but aren't official supported. Exciting.
  7. Cool man. Hope it works for you. I like where valve is going with this.
  8. Wow 4 pages on this thread and no talk of actually using it. Not surprised. I tried quake on lubuntu and it didn't work. Showed it was being available for proton... clicked to launch the game.. and nothing ever happened. Might try some other distros.
  9. So they announced this months ago... check my account.... still 1tb. Now its launched... check my account still 1tb. Check website... says "coming soon". How many times are they going to announce this dumb thing before people actually have it. TLDR its still not out... just hype part 2.
  10. Linux doesn't have alternative for media player classic? Really?
  11. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3039827/windows/7-ways-windows-10-pushes-ads-at-you-and-how-to-stop-them.html