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  1. Best of luck with that. I don't know if you'll be interested or not, but before I bought this PC I was going to purchase a Dell XPS 730x x58 motherboard currently for $79 shipped on ebay. There's not a lot of information on it but people seem to have success getting xeon support and overclocking with just a bios update. https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/westmere-xeon-upgrade-project.2463698/ Definitely something to consider
  2. I've been watching tons of tech city in anticipation for this PC . Unfortunately I can't OC because it's an OEM motherboard. Originally I was going to go down the x58 route but compared to the cost of this PC ($100 shipped) I had to pass. I've seen x5670s going for as little as $11 atm. Absolutely nuts.
  3. I just bought it as a cheap system to mostly play games and do light editing, I don't plan to do any intensive workloads with it. My specific PC is a single socket motherboard, but with a bios update I can upgrade to x56xx series cpus.
  4. I recently bought an HP Z400 workstation PC that came with an Xeon W3550. I don't know much about the difference between either series of processors. Is it worth replacing it with either an x5660/x5670 and would it improve performance?
  5. @runit3 Just rebooted my PC. Voltage is 1.088 and temp is like 50-80c when I game. (stock cooler, stock clocks, etc) I've tried to update the bios, but says that I am already updated. Windows Event Viewer doesn't say anything.
  6. Last August I bought a brand new Pentium G3258 processor that has run stock speeds, and an Asus B85M-G R2.0 motherboard. I have also recently purchased a Radeon 280x. When I run certain games like a CS:GO custom map, my game will inevitably freeze and I have to turn off my PC from the power supply (EVGA 600B). I also sometimes have experienced this while playing Rust and GTA V. It was occurring even before I added in my 280x, so I am led to believe it is not the problem. I recently upgraded from Windows 8 which is when I experienced the most issues, but now that I am on Windows 10 the problem
  7. Got my card second hand and the adapter did not come with it. Guess I ought to buy one. This works great, for now, however.
  8. Hello So I have another monitor laying around, but I can't plug it into my video card as I don't have another DVI cable. So, is it possible to power a second monitor through my motherboard's VGA port, with my primary display connected to my video card? If so, how? My specs are: R9 280x Pentium G3258 Asus B85M-G R2 motherboard Thanks
  9. AMD Gigabyte Brix on sale. Dunno how it compares to a NUC but should be a pretty decent http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856164027&ignorebbr=1 ​
  10. Uuuuh maybe like $30 lol. I'm not looking for anything high end at the moment
  11. That was my go-to, but I figured that I don't own a wristwatch I might as well skip the MP3 player.
  12. Since phones are outlawed and vilified at school, I wanna get around this by buying a smartwatch to play music during lunch and stuff. It doesn't need to be brand name or super ergonomic, it just needs to be able to play back music while paired with a bluetooth earbud. Oh, and maybe show the time. Any cheap solutions?
  13. I have the Sapphire Vapor X OC 3gb card. Unfortunately I didn't get the receipt from the original owner, but I'm not too frustrated with the problem, After all I got a back plated card for $120. I can make due with the noise.