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    james3015 reacted to LinusTech in @LinusTech Twitter Account Hacked   
    On June 28, 2016 the Linus Media Group domain registrar account was compromised.
    The exact methodology of the "hack" won't be disclosed for obvious reasons, but I can assure you that despite any claims to the contrary, the appropriate safeguards were in place on our side, and as I type this Yvonne is having a very heated phone discussion with the 3rd party responsible for the breach.
    Anyway, the thing most of you are probably wondering about right now is what this means for your forum account or personal information, and the answer is very simple:
    The "hacker" simply changed the DNS settings in the dashboard and did not at any time have access to the linustechtips.com server. Any claims of a database dump are categorically false.
    The compromised accounts - including Twitter - have been restored.
    I hope this clears things up.
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    james3015 got a reaction from Ashratt in Corsair 4th of July Sale 30-45%   
    Valid on select products only
    Ends July 7th
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    james3015 got a reaction from Alcatraz in Corsair 4th of July Sale 30-45%   
    Valid on select products only
    Ends July 7th
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    james3015 got a reaction from Breakdown in Corsair 4th of July Sale 30-45%   
    Valid on select products only
    Ends July 7th
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    james3015 got a reaction from Vitalius in Corsair 4th of July Sale 30-45%   
    Valid on select products only
    Ends July 7th
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    james3015 reacted to Complx in [BUILD COMPLETE] VX-42 (Custom Wall Mounted Home Server)   
    Hey everyone, I can't believe I didn't post this on here earlier.

    This was my first custom case built from scratch, so I thought I would share.  Im always looking for feedback to help improve my designs.  Sadly I have already completed the project and therefore don't have any way of making a proper build log style updates.

    But I made sure to take plenty of pictures of the build which can be found here:  http://imgur.com/a/tnKTh

    The premise behind this project was the need for a large amount of storage of various pieces of digital media. (3+TB or more) I have been wanting to build my own home media server for sometime and finally found an excuse to build one. I wanted to be able to stream media to my various mobile devices and run an FTP server, plus since im a gamer, I wanted to be able to host game servers for my buddies and I to play on as well.

    My biggest problem was space. My desk was cluttered enough as it was and I didn't have anywhere to put it, even the small ITX cases were too big. That's when I started browsing online for inspiration and thats when it hit me to put it on the wall.

    These first few pictures of the completed build I used a piece of smoked acrylic as the base for are the hardware, however, I didn't like it as much as I thought, so I replaced it with a custom cut piece of anodized aluminum.

    Aluminum Plate

    After Anodizing:


    Final Design with Aluminum Plate in Place:

    I got the it up on the wall in its permanent location along with the rest of my computers.  For those of you who have been following my other thread, this came before I built my monitor stand.

    I love the back lighting it provides

    Hope you enjoyed viewing this project with took many months to complete, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! 
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    james3015 got a reaction from Snickerzz in Video Game Giveaway/Trading Thread - TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED   
    lol your post count is 1143
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    james3015 got a reaction from garyjpaterson in Humble Bundle 8 (Free keys)   
    thanks for the heads up, just bought it
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    james3015 reacted to joelthezombie15 in DIY Dust Filter   
    and they smell good :)
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    james3015 reacted to PBaines in WaterCooled Phantom 410 - Heavily Modded   
    This is a build that I did at the end of last year so is very current. Enjoy the browse  :)
    The pictures start off pretty average but get better!
    First of I would like to say a BIG BIG thanks to my sponsors at the moment. Which is NZXT and Corsair  NZXT were kind enough to sponsor me a Phantom 410 case.    Corsair were also very helpful in sponsoring me an AX850 PSU!     This will be a project done over a few months, as I would like to see if I an arrange any more sponsors to take part in this!     www.nzxt.com   www.corsair.com   But the main plan of this is: I want the end result for someone to see and say to me "Wait, what case is this?" Because I am about to turn this case into something no one has seen before  Clue: Watercooled, 360mm Rad, 240mm rad... All internal  lets see where this takes us!                 So, today I spent some time doing drilling.... no modding so far !! All I have done is drill out the rivets, and then screw in the radiator!        I wonder what this will be              Something that I love about this case. Is that there is correct spacing for a rad !! unlike the Switch 810. It easy enough to resolve on the Switch, but knowing there is one less thing you have to change. Its a little soothing!       As we can see. The case looks like it has been designed to hold a 360mm radiator !!   To come: 240 rad will be here, is a 30mm thick one, which will have the fans inbetween the metal and plastic top, no room underneath for push pull. Even if there was, I would rather the case look nicer, than to have something that would increase performance by < 2c   Just enough room to fit an EK res :) SWEET! and yes, have thought cablemanagement holes  dont you worry :P Note: I will be connecting the radiators together, with no tubing, that is why the fittings i have used are there,    The Rad i will be using is this one !        
    And so, with a new 240mm rad. She all goes in, and then... yeah, its not the easiest thing getting dem fittings to work :P but this is the rad setup :)   NOTE: Will be getting better lighting, and a little photo area soon,       
    Riiight, so got the placement of the 8 pin EPS hole sorted, and also i realised that after some testing i can actually rivet the motherboard tray on! But that will be done last, as i still have to paint the case which wont be happening anytime soon, might get it done professionally and get it baked (hot room pretty much) as its winter here, freezing cold. and paint would come out like shit. But we shall see!!   Edit: might be using M4 screws instead of rivets.. but we shall see           
    Here we are guys, this is the sleeving colours i have chosen for the AX850!!   Thanks Corsair :)   Case should be back in the next few days, I assure you. it looks ****ing amazing            
     I have got the case back! She is ef'ing beautiful  However... The weather has not been. So I have not been able to get any pictures!! Have done some work on the mobo tray though    As you can see, the 150 mm res is perfect. The 24 pin will be extended over the res, so really the inside colour will not be seen. The 8 pin will go through that whole (Yet to be sanded properly yet)   I have decided to have the hdd and ssd infront of the PSU, which will be hidden by a cover (same colour as mobo tray) which will cover the length FROM the end of the psu to flush of the end of the mobo tray, so that enables me to still see the PSU, because I will be changing the internal fan, to a Xigmatek orange blade one, so that it will be a lovely thing to look at          This is how I will be attaching the mobo tray to the top of the case, with some M4 screws  there is I think 6 evenly spread out accross the top of the tray, the bottom psu cover will also be attached with M4 screws too. It also helps keep the mobo tray in place as well         
     the top inside piece is also orange  The fans will have orange blades too, those are set to be here this week. More pictures will be taken then!!   How is this paint any different from the colour scheme that NZXT produce?  WELL!! The inside is roof and floor is orange. The black is the exact colour all around, so there is no difference between the powder coat and the plastics, the orange all looks the same. Also, there are gold flakes in the orange, so under some beautiful light, you can see a teeny-weeny bit of gold. Once I get some proper day light (Winter here in NZ doesn't give us much of it) I will get some pics of the gold flakes    Note; the sniper 2 is not the motherboard that I will be using            The fans have arrived  They match the orange that I chose 100%! So am really glad that I got the right ones, it was either these or Bitfenix orange LED ones.   Thoughts and opinions are always appreciated!!   Next update: Motherboard tray         
    So mobo tray 90% done, still need to add the MDPC-X cable mounting grommet things to house my cables for extra cleansly'ness, The 24 pin will be going through the space between the rad's and the RES   Still have to make a mounting piece for my HDD and my SSD underneath that PSU cover thingy Didn't want to cover the psu at all, liked having the fan there, and just liked being able to see the PSU.   Will be using MAYHEMS PASTEL ORANGE WOOO, that colour'd fluid is amazing.  Mobo will be a Sniper 2 UNTILL Gigabyte release their new Z77 board which is orange and black, so I look very much forward till then!              
    Took a few photo's of it all outside!   Still a few things to do - Sleeve GPU connectors - Re-sleeve Fans if I have enough orange sleeve left over - Shorten some cables under the psu cover to give it some more room - sleeve the Front IO cables (exl USB 3.0) - Get my Mayhems Orange Pastel fluid - Longer link for the pump/res so that the pump sits on the psu cover - Add some more cable management brackets if need be                       
    Here are some snaps I got of my new UP7 motherboard, I also have completed the GPU cables, however have chosen not to 'stitch' them as originally planned as it doesn't really go along with any of the other cables so would look a bit off..   Hope you like what you see! Once finished I will set up a proper photobox and get some superb photo's !    Only shame things is, that mayhems Orange isn't really what I thought it would be. It is more of a red than anything else, but am very happy with the UP7 colours. It matches with the case and sleeve colours very well!                                        
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    james3015 reacted to Joshua in Ugliest case ever?   
    Would look awesome...but they've put EA logos on it... 1/10.

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    james3015 reacted to joelthezombie15 in HUGE News... HTC Just Committed to a BIG Forum Exclusive Giveaway   
    am i the only one that got the 1/e^?
    im sad its not the one :( still its cool. good luck everyone
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    james3015 reacted to Slick in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    so uh, yeah

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    james3015 reacted to akust0m in [Build log] akust0m's Switch 810   
    Hello everyone  ;)
    This is my first post here so I thought I'd make it a good one!

    I've had this build up and running for the past few months but I thought I'd post it up on here as some of you may appreciate it. I do appologize in advance for the quality of the photos, I did not have anything better than a Samsung Galaxy S2 to take pictures with at the time.

    Specs below, pictures will follow:
    Case: NZXT Switch 810 (White)
    Motherboard: ASRock Extreme 4 Gen 3 Z68
    CPU: Intel i7 2600k Sandy Bridge (OC'd to 4.2Ghz @ 1.272v)
    RAM: 8GB Corsair Dominator GT 1866Mhz
    GPU: HIS 7970 (OC'd to 1125/1575Mhz)
    PSU: Corsair AX850
    HDD1: Seagate 320GB 7200RPM (Misc)
    HDD2: WD Green Caviar 2TB (Storage)
    SSD1: Samsung 830 256GB (OS & Games)
    SSD2: Corsair Force F60 60GB (Other apps, eg. Photoshop, Dreamweaver)
    Koolance CPU-370 water block
    EK CSQ 7970 GPU water block + CSQ 7970 backplate
    EK Dominator RAM water block
    Bitspower matte black fittings
    Bitspower 240 Upgrade Kit
    Bitspower pump top
    Pitspower pump mod kit (matte black)
    Primochill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT Tubing Clear 1/2ID 3/4OD
    Mayhems Pastel Ice White coolant
    XSPC EX240 Radiator (push-pull config)
       3x Coolermaster Fans 120mm (top)
       3x Noiseblocker NB-eLoop B12-3 120mm (bottom)
    Black Ice GTX 240 Radiator (push-pull config)
       4x Gelid Wing UV Blue 120mm (top & bottom)
    4x NZXT case fans
    Arctic Silver MX-4 thermal paste
    Bitfenix sleeved cable extensions (white)
    Bitfenix LED strips
    2x Lamptron FC5 v2 Fan controllers
    UN DesignsZ2 Rev1 120mm bracket

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    james3015 reacted to Eyal in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    My first meme...

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    james3015 got a reaction from FlameEngland in Thought id share my 3 Pcs   
    finally I found someone else that owns the nvidia haf x
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    james3015 reacted to FlameEngland in Thought id share my 3 Pcs   
    Hi everyone, Though id quickly show my builds to see what you guys think, Will be doing a full build log of all 3 when i have chance.


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    james3015 got a reaction from KaptajnKnass in Look what I found under the stairs.   
    lol its got great cable managment
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    james3015 got a reaction from James_AJ in Look what I found under the stairs.   
    lol its got great cable managment
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    james3015 got a reaction from That Norwegian Guy in Look what I found under the stairs.   
    lol its got great cable managment
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    james3015 got a reaction from ofr057 in Look what I found under the stairs.   
    lol its got great cable managment
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    james3015 reacted to Snef in [Build Log] Snef's Icy Blue Angel   
    HI everyone
    hope all of you have a great week-end
    I really need a new Camera, I can do what I want with this one
    final Pics for *Icy Blue Angel *
    Start without any led



    and now , With Led




    no more warranty on GPU block




    and the Making-Of

    my wife is really happy :kiss:
    now need another project, maybe a Caselabs S3 with violet or purple theme ???????
    I think I will go on Modder side
    need to buy some tools
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    james3015 reacted to Mr. X in Soundcard/ Headset Suggestions   
    If you don't need a microphone I would suggest just get a pair of headphones instead of a headset, they will have better quality drivers. Any sennheiser, beyerdynamics or Audio Technicas will do a great job and will be even better with the xonar STX as it can drive heaphones up to 600ohms