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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if there are any Adobe Premiere pro users here which could advise me on somehing. I am running a Youtube channel, and I am currently using Corel Video Studio which has served me good in the last couple of years. The only thing that bothers me the most about Corel Video Studio are the rendering times, and especially that the hardware acceleration never worked well with Corel Video Studio. I always rendered on a 4790k 4 cores 8 threads, and currently switched to a Ryzen 7 2700x 8cores 16 threads, and there is barely any improvement in
  2. Thanks for your answer! According to search results dxtory does not have a pause function unfortunately. It is also requested by some users according to their forum.
  3. Hi all, Because I record a lot of tutorials, I am looking for a program which has the option to record desktop footage 60fps, with a PAUSE function. Nothing more fancy, that is all. I dont care if it is free or paid, since I will use it a lot. In example OBS and Nvidia Shadowplay have great quality, and in general they work very good and simple for desktop recording, but they dont have a pause function. The reason why I would like a pause function, is because I install a lot of mods which take quite a lot of time to finish and for that I pause the recording at those p
  4. Alright thanks all To be honest I did not follow the Intel CPU line after I got my i7 4790k, so I had to catch up with everything again of what they did release. i9 9900k it will be!
  5. Hello all, At this moment I am running an old Haswell-refresh system, and I would like to upgrade my CPU/MOBO/RAM. I am currently running: i7 4790k 12GB DDR3 GTX1080 ti While this is still good for gaming on 1440p, I also heavily mod videogames for my Youtube channel like GTA V, Kingdom Come Deliverance, and Skyrim:SE. I start noticing that these heavily modded games are having problems running 60fps/1440p all the time, so apart from upgrading my GTX1080 ti, I also would like to upgrade my CPU. (and for that Mobo/RAM) I also edit my videos f
  6. Hi everyone, I would like to connect my speakers to my TV, and still be able to control volume with a remote. I dont mind if this is going to be a seperate remote or not. Speakers: Audioengine A5 (not the A5+!!) speakers They have plenty of input/outputs TV: Samsung UE65KU6000 TV is there a way to connect my speakers with SPDIF or any other solution to my TV, and still be able to remotley control the volume? The problem is that my TV has no headphone jack, but only SPDIF (and HDMI of course) The A5 speakers are active speakers, so I think a receiver
  7. Problem is I have to do a full Mobo/CPU/RAM upgrade because its the old socket 1366 It would not be just a CPU upgrade I am not sure if Skylake and that new Broadwell series would be better for gaming purposes. Id rather not buy a new motherboard/CPU combo which is going to be end of life in 6 months again
  8. Hello everyone, I currently have the following setup: Asus Rampage III Gene (socket 1366 X58 chipset) Intel i7 960 @3,20 12GB DDR3 RAM EVGA GTX 980 I only use it for gaming. Nothing else. (sometimes for video editing, but main focus is gaming only) I am planning to buy that Acer 144hz 1440p IPS monitor, but I fear I am not going to get 144hz 1440p on 1 GTX 980. I probably have to go to GTX 980 SLI, but there is 1 problem. the i7 960, first gen i7. I could clock it to 3,8 ghz, but even then I am unsure if it will drive the 980 SLI. What would you guys do? Upgrade to curre