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    i7 8700k 5.0ghz
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    Asus z370 rog maximus x hero
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    corsair 32gb 2x16@3200
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    Asus GTX 1080TI Strix OC
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    Fractal Meshify C
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    240gb ssd crucial / 250gb ssd samsung 850 evo
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    EVGA 850W Supernova G2
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    ASUS VG248QE / benq xl2546
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    fractal design celsius s36
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    tesoro gram spectrum rgb
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    Logitech G PRO wireless
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  1. yes you can but you will have to either remove the dust filter or cut the mesh filter like shown here: https://youtu.be/O_DXoIhMdj0?t=349 since i was already planning on putting 2 120mm fans on this GPU for better cooling and lower noise levels i did not have to cut the mesh panel.
  2. Thank you! GPU max length in this case = 315 mm with front fans mounted The Asus 1080 strix = 298mm so that leaves 17mm of space, since most radiators are 30mm thick it won't work, so there's no way you can fit this card as stock with a front radiator, you will either have to remove the GPU shroud or mod the front mesh filter to fit the fans on the front side of the case.
  3. Thank you and sorry for the late response. Yes you can have hdd's but the biggest thing you have to keep in mind is the length of the PSU, if your PSU is to long the cables that come out of the PSU will come to close to the HDD cage and then it will either not fit or be super tied fit. As for the top exhaust, i know 100% sure you can fit 1 top exhaust fan but i'm unsure of 2 top exhaust fans (this might depend on the AIO you're going with), i'm currently not running the setup from this forum post so i can't check for you. hope this helped! (EDIT: i just checked out s
  4. not sure what you mean with Rank? both kits were in dual channel if you're refering to that.
  5. Hey LTT, INTRO: This post won't be the most detailed post you have ever seen but nonetheless i wanted to share this piece of information. It seems there's not allot of info out there about RAM speed difference for Escape From Tarkov. I've read a few reddit posts about people asking if it's worth upgrading your RAM and most replies were: ''yes if you are using ryzen since AMD loves RAM speed.'' i definitely do agree with that statement and that is true for most games out there. I couldn't find to much info about this topic my self so i'm hoping this t
  6. i couldn't tell you because i have changed my setup but on fractals site it says:'' GPU max length 315 mm with front fan mounted '' so that's 315mm - 38 = 277mm length GPU, but fractal calculates this with the Front fans mounted on the inside but you can mount the fans on the outside as well and that would save you 25mm but you will have to cut the front dust filter web to make it work, if you're willing to do that you can fit a GPU with a length of 302mm. here is a link to a video that shows the cutting part of the dust filter: https://youtu.be/O_DXoIhMdj0?t=348 hopefully this hel
  7. if you're asking for stats like that it's important to mention the frequency and voltage being used.
  8. you will never notice if it runs in 8X or 16X. i've been running my card in 8X since i got it and never noticed the slot being in 8X, when i switched to 16X i saw no performance increase. you will be fine
  9. that's an s340 case.. you can't just compare it like that. what GPU do you have btw? IMO in general a top mounted rad is the way to go because having 2 good 140mm fans in the front will help out the GPU temps, yes the GPU will dump it's heat into the case and some of that will go through the top mounted rad. BUT you will see better performance on a cooler GPU than CPU. now for the meshify c you need to do some research for a top mounted 280mm radiator because you will run into clearence issues with some motherboard VRM heatsinks, ram stick etc.
  10. worth it? yes but you should wait for amd's new gen next month.
  11. i have had a x5660 run 4.4ghz at 1.36v for ever and it still works great, i even hammered that thing upto 1.55v to get in the hwbot r15 top10, if you have like a big air cooler (dark rock noctua etc) or a good AIO you can get most of these 6cores xeons around 4,3/4,5 without much work. is it worth? i'd say yes. ps. to the ppl saying these xeons are locked don't know anything about the platform.
  12. what GPU? also a list of specs will help us, to help you out faster.
  13. i have the same setup as you but i'm pushing more voltage through my CPU (8700k) and the VRM's stay below 50, i feel like a 9900k is going to work fine.