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    Computer stuff, guitar, anime, video games, bowling, golf and other pleasantries of life.
  • Biography
    Computer system listed below is the last computer I built. Still runs fine except for the monitor which just started acting up. Everything is a little dated.


  • CPU
    1.86ghz Core 2 Duo (all parts are circa 2006-2007)
  • Motherboard
    nForce 680i SLI mainboard
  • RAM
    2x1 gb corsair ram
  • GPU
    256mb geforce ddr3
  • Case
    Antec 900
  • Storage
    250gb WD HDD
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    Hanns-G JW199D
  • Cooling
    5 fans
  • Keyboard
    Microsoft Ergonomic
  • Mouse
    Microsoft Mouse
  • Sound
    Harmon/Kardon subwoofer/speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows XP
  1. You should leave him be. He's going to do what he's going to do regardless. Might as well not make him mad. He has to come the realization himself that he's wasting his time and stuff, however he may never come to that conclusion. Hanging out on the computer is fun. It's all about moderation. You just have to hope that some day he might be like 'damn I'm sick and tired of video games and online people' and try to become social again.
  2. Well if you don't actually have anything open and it still won't let you safely eject it, I'd simply recommend shutting down the computer and then removing it, that way the drive spins down etc.
  3. If its an HDD it will always be kind of slow. An SSD would be a huge upgrade. If your SSD is slow then you may have some issues on your hands. More information would be great in order to help you out.
  4. Well if you're a teenager then yeah you're kind of just stuck with what's out there. You could still try to take advantage of say the jet dot com deal though. Saves you like 50 bucks on a more sizeable purchase. Entirely up to you though.
  5. Too many hoops if you're lazy. Signing up for a credit card takes all of 5 or 10 minutes and you can have it expedited for free usually. Seems worthwhile to me to save a couple hundred bucks unless you have money to burn. The jet dot com idea could be viewed as a hassle, but it doesn't take that long either. My cpu took like 14 days to arrive, but my graphics card arrived in 2 days.. Just depends where they secure stock from.
  6. Best integrated graphics would probably be the new skylake ones I imagine?
  7. Manufacturers measure bytes as 1000, when bytes are in fact 1024. Thus you end up with roughly a 7% loss on any advertised hard drive size. 1tb = 931, 500gb = ~466, etc So for 1tb its 1,000,000,000 bytes divided by (1024 x 1024 x 1024 which equals 1073741824) which comes out to 0.93132257 thus the 931gb on a '1tb hdd'
  8. I bought a zotac 970 for $194.15, did I do good guys? I would have loved to have waited for the new gpu's, but like a ~35% discount seemed pretty good.
  9. This things pretty sick looking. The amount of time you've put into it shows. Nice.
  10. Seems solid. I was gonna go with a pc mate, but opted for an asus board instead.
  11. That sucks man, they price matched for me. The fact of the matter is microcenter is on their approved price matching list (I've seen it) and I even had them price match a TV for me the other day.. even though the microcenter page was like 'order online, pick up in store' the frys manager was like yeah they're on the list so we'll do it. (even though most of the regular employees were telling me eh we probably wont price match (the tv), we only do processors cause of x y z). I'm up in NorCal and the microcenter up here closed a few years ago so it's like they especially have no reason to p
  12. Recently or no? If it was recently you could have asked them to pricematch microcenter.. saved yourself 20-50 bucks.
  13. I have no idea if it's US only, but yeah it's been discounted to like 299.99, even 249.99 at certain places like microcenter. If you look at the retain pricing, there isn't actually supposed to be much of a difference between the two.. the 4790k should retail for like 330-340 and the 6700k should retail for 359 or 369.
  14. OEM key is attached to motherboard and even then I believe you actually can transfer them to a different computer with diff mobo, but it's just a bit annoying. I saw a guide like a week ago when I was looking into full retail vs oem etc, but I don't think I got around to reading the actual article. If you're just transferring your windows install from hard drive to hard drive there is no issue. Windows key is usually somewhere on the pc case, usually the bottom. If not there are ways to rip it.