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    Asus z390-a
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    G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3000 CL16 Memory
  • GPU
    MSI RTX 3080 SUPRIM (In the mail)
    RTX 2070 for now
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    Phanteks P600s
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    Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB + 20TB worth of HDDs
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    EVGA G2 750W
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    LG 27GL850-B 27" 2560x1440 144 Hz IPS Monitor
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    Noctua D15 LTT + 3x Noctua a14 140mm Case Fans
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    Ducky Shine 7 CherryMX Brown
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    Logitech g502 Lightspeed + Powerplay
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    JBL PRO LSR305 Montior Speakers - Scarlet 2i2 Interface
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    Win10 Pro
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    Pixel 4
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  1. Thought I would share my solution with everyone The issue I was having was with the ownership of the drives. For some reason after the latest windows install, I did not have ownership of any other drives other than the C: Drive. Changing this in the properties of the drive in windows explorer does not actually solve the issue. I used PowerShell (in Admin mode) to do it. The command I used was takeown /F "full path of folder or drive" /A /R /D Y Entire D: drive would be like this takeown /F d:\ /A /R /D Y Unfortunately this takes a while. My 1TB SSD was f
  2. Unfortunately only the "run as administrator" "fix" works. (not really a permanent fix imo). It seems I am having issues with ALL my non OS drives reverting to read only despite me changing the settings. This issue has many more fixes i will need to try.
  3. I thought i would try re-installing steam, when trying to add the drive to my library, I get "Drive must be writeable" which also happened when I installed it. Ive checked my permissions on the drive and it every admin and user has full control and everything else ticked.
  4. I was having issues with my RGB because every RGB software wanted to control my GSkill Trident RGB, uninstalling the programs didn't fix the issues so I re-installed windows. I seemed to have issues with writing and accessing my 1tb Games SSD in both steam ("missing file privileges" ) and in windows 10 Pro. So I backed it up, reformatted it. Seems to be doing good in windows, however, when I try to install or update a game I still get that "missing file privileges" error. I know i can run it as admin (doing it every time is annoying, and selecting the "Run as administrator" option
  5. Anyone know of the place to find out the manufacturer of the RAM dies? No real mention of how to do that in the video.
  6. Yeah I was asking about moving the case fan to the front of the case. So instead of 2 intake and 1 exhaust it would be 3 intake fans and use cpu fans as the exhaust.
  7. That sounds like an awful idea. I would gain absolutely nothing out of that. The point of my enquiry is to see if moving the rear exhaust fan to the front as in intake will be better than it is now.
  8. Hey all, just wanted some opinions on case fan layout ive been running on my system. Not having issues at all, but after a suggestion from a friend, Im questioning if it could be better. I have 3 Noctua A14 PWM case fans, 2 intake at the front, 1 exhaust in the rear. I am running a Noctua D15 LTT chromax black CPU cooler. As you can see in the attached photos, there is basically 1cm (half an inch) between the rear exhaust fan and the rear CPU cooler fan. My friend suggested the fan right behind my Noctua D15 is basically not doing anything and I may be better off m
  9. I currently have a Razer Goliathus Control Edition mousepad. Love the texture and feel, hate the design. Anybody know of any control type mouse pads available in extended or larger with a similar texture? Other "control" mouse pads i've seen in person still have a smooth surface rather than the heavily textured surface that i've grown to love. Ideally plain black/dark grey, or mostly black with red accents.
  10. unfortunately, the gas assisted arms just dont work in my instance. Already tried that. Its because of the lack of mounting areas on my desk, against the wall, and i will not compromise on the main monitor being in the centre. Believe me, I tried. Ironically, I find myself using the 1440p monitor for videos since the colours are better on it, but I mostly watch content on my 4K TV.
  11. I currently have as my main monitor, an LG 27-GL850 27" 1440p NANO IPS G-Sync compatible and an LG 27" 4K IPS as my secondary display, which I am happy with, just is nowhere near as bright as the main, stand is different design, tilt only, and has regular bezels. I have been thinking to change it to a 27-GL83A - https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-27gl83a-b-gaming-monitor because I can buy it at my work for basically cost price. It is the same resolution as my main monitor, and has the same stand and bezel design, just no USB hub (which doesn't bother me) and is just IPS rather
  12. Hey all, I recently upgraded my PC. New motherboard, new windows install. (z390a with i7-9700k). First off, I use a set of montor speakers and they are connected with the optical audio output. with the default drivers, they are fine. After I install the realtek driver from the ASUS website, when a sound like a notification plays, there is a popping sound at the start and end of the sound file. if something else is playing at the time it is fine. If I uninstall the driver it is fine again. Not sure what to do, Should i just scrap the driver?
  13. I am only looking at 1 drive, but a large capacity like 6/8/10TB depending on cost. I want to use the New drive for just the media for the plex server, and also have the files there for dl/seeding. I currently have 3 HDDs in my rig, but will retire one of the smaller ones I have 1 250GB SSD for OS 1 seagate baraccuda 2TB from 2010ish 2x WD SE Drives (2TB and 4TB) i dont believe the mounts are rubberized. I want to use the New drive for just the media for the plex server, and also have the files there for dl/seeding. it needs to be reliable fo
  14. I want to get a new hdd drive to use in my pc that will mainly be used for plex home server purposes. Last one i purchased was an 2tb enterprise WD drive. Nothing wrong with it after many years, just full. The 6TB+ enterprise is just too expensive. What should I go for? A Nas drive like wd red?