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    PCs, some kind of fisical maintenance sport, gerls, and some incredible obsession for good looking computers.
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    I'll place something here eventually, and I guess that explains my whole life
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    asus Z97-A
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    8 Gb ddr3
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    phanteks enthoo pro
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    240Gb 850 EVO + 1tb wd blue + 4tb wd green
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    Don't go there
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    VG248QE + 4:3 720p old monitor
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    evo 212
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    10 bucks
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    A few.

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  1. Hey so I got myself a pi zero. I have some light programs I made, mainly for data collection, which also serve as a server to a few of my apps. All I really need is an OS that implements the c posix library, and can be configured to connect to wifi without much hassle. All I really want it for is to run my programs, which only use storage and sockets, anything else is redundant. Thank you.
  2. Hello. I'm pretty comfortable with c++ and php at this point. Now I've got myself into game hacking because I love the genius and the concept behind it, and because it requires so much knowledge. Don't get me wrong, I'm decent in video games in general and I don't need cheats to get advantage. It's just hella fun for me to break games and do insane things one could never achieve without it (i.e in spamming 1000 grenades a sec in gta and lowering my friends's fps to about 0 - while they laugh their asses off at the fact that I'm a pig with a grenade launcher spamming 1000 grenades per
  3. I never really played much minecraft, and when I did I was young and didn't care if I had 10 fps or 1000 fps so I never really wondered much about performance. Now I have read minecraft is not reliable to performance test, but from the benchmarks I've seen it doesn't seem to be too heavy either, reaching around 300 fps in recent hardware. Google hasn't been too much of a friend regarding this either. So I don't get it. Is it like an inside joke from LTT, or does it have some technical basis? Thank you.
  4. Thanks a lot. I'll probably go for the first one since I need to know when any of the 100 threads turns to signaled and I don't think that's achievable with the 2nd option.
  5. Hi. I have this struct array: struct RunThread { HANDLE Thread; bool FirstTime = true; std::atomic<bool> Running = false; DWORD ThreadID; }ThreadList[100]; I want to use the Thread Handles in this in WaitForMultipleObjects. I tried this: DWORD result = WaitForMultipleObjects(100, &ThreadList->Thread, FALSE, INFINITE); For Which I Got WAIT_FAILED with a GetLastError of 87 Is it my syntax that is incorrect or is doing something like this straight up impossible? I'm sure I can just create an
  6. Hi. So I was looking for a cheatengine plugin so that resident evil 7 wouldn't just close as I opened it. I found it. Quite the interesting discovery I walked into, not because of cheatengine or whatever related thing I was looking for, but because I downloaded a batch file I could not read, copy, or in general do anything with except execute. I quit windows when icacls failed on an admin CMD, I ended up downloading it to my ubuntu server. I opened the bat file with nano and it looked like this: What's this? Here is the file: Undete
  7. I believe I'd said that already in a really dumb way. Thank you, still. Seems simple enough, make functions that take coordinates as arguments that draw the ships to the buffer. Then I'll make functions to compare the "spaces" that the ship occupies to the ones of where the "bullets" are, sort of a collision checking function thing. Now should I draw the ship every frame to a brand new clean buffer or "move" them, drawing it to the side and erasing previous stuff?
  8. Actually I think I may have the solution, I'll just make a multi-dimensional char array and change the stuff in there, printing it each "frame". What do you reckon would be a good enough "framerate"?
  9. Depends on what you're comparing it to. Easier than c/c++, harder than say vb, python or php. I don't think a random thread is the place to ask that, there are many lying around with your answer.
  10. ?? Because I want to do it in a console, how else would you do it? "is it hard to learn c#" Really not trying to be rude but is that a question? Do you think I'm trying to do it in batch? Do you think I don't know c#? Are you asking me wether it is or not?
  11. Hi. I've started making a c# console game for fun. I'm trying to do sort of a space invaders-style thing, maybe with online co-op. But. I have been using SetCursorPosition. I'm gonna have to use threading. Will calling SetCursorPosition at about the same time in different threads mess stuff up? I take it I can't have multiple cursors, so if I call it in a thread and call it in another before an operation is complete,say, draw a character in an unwanted place? After I do a write, if the cursor is "on top" of a character, SetCursorPosition will dele
  12. You've most likely already figured this out but I only had time now so here it is: bool directoryExists(const char *directoryToCheck) { struct stat info; if(stat(directoryToCheck, &info) != 0) { return false; } else if(info.st_mode & S_IFDIR) { return true; } else { return false; } } void FileLister(const char* directoryName) { DIR *targetDirectory; struct dirent *entity; if ((targetDirectory = opendir(directoryName)) != nullptr) { while ((entity = readdir(targetDirectory)) != nullptr) { s
  13. Ehh, sorry, as I said, I haven't kept myself in the loop, and I never really looked too much into IPS options, so I might have gotten a wrong impression. I never said it wasn't better.
  14. I don't think he cares too much for panel type, otherwise he would have said so. Besides IPS is a bit expensive.