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  1. would you by any chance know how I can map an entity property to a non-entity property (which is the column value) without creating join tables? I need the appointmentNumber (which is a string (varchar in DB)) to be mapped to this here's the non-entoty that I want to map with on the number property I got it working with @Embeddable and @Embedded annotations but it creates a join table which I can't have
  2. I found my error actually, in the console, hibernete doesn't show the inserted value, it maks parameters as "?". It was working all along, I just did not know it.
  3. Hi, I'm having trouble saving objects in my in memory h2 database (using hibernate) I checked and my entityManager is correct, it starts the transaction, tries to persist the object, commit the transaction (or rollback if an exception is throws) Now, I dont understant why, when I look in the console, as soon as I persist the object, I get this: Entity: In repository: Content of object to persist: I've been trying to figure this out for a couple hours but nothing seems to fix it, what dis I do wrong?
  4. solved using config.property(ServerProperties.LOCATION_HEADER_RELATIVE_URI_RESOLUTION_DISABLED, true);
  5. Hi, We're doing a java api and need to return the path to the get of an object we just created in a post request. The header location should be /reservations/{reservationNumber} but It is http://localhost:8181/reservations/{reservationNumber} We can't figure out how to remove the authority part of the uri (http://localhost:8181) since the .build() add's it automatically... Any help is appreciated
  6. I actually don't know which program she uses, but for the budget, I think the 10400 will be better since its a 6 core while the r5 3400g is only 4 cores
  7. she works in accounting, so I was thinking either a r5 3400g or a i5 10400, she won't need a gpu
  8. Hi, I'm building a computer for my mom, its for her work and if it follows her old pc's trend its going to be in use for 6-8 years. She is not a tech person at all so I want something very reliable. If it was for me I'd obviously go with ryzen but I think their drivers are less stable than intel, am I wrong? Which one would you go for in this situation? thanks
  9. well I'm tying but I dont see anything different than the other that would suggest one packet is sending a password file...
  10. Hi, So I've got a homework to do. They gave me a pcapng file (constains wireshark packets) The question is : Knowing that port 80 is usually used for the http protocol, show that this protocol was used to send sensible informations regarding a file containing passwords from machine to a distant server So I filtered my packets : tcp.port == 80 && ip.addr == && http But now I still don't get how to show which packets contain those informations I'm looking at the info column to try and figure out something but I don't get it... Doing
  11. alright, I'm retarded, I downloaded maven source not binary so I was missing the whole bin directory
  12. Hi, I have this error “mvn not recognized as an internal or external command” (on windows 10) I have correct environment variables JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11 MAVEN_HOME = C:\maven They are added to the path %JAVA_HOME%\bin %MAVEN_HOME%\bin I restarted my machine But I still get the error message when trying "mvn -version" I need help, thanks
  13. Hi, So I've gotten this monitor at the begining of summer. I've used it on hdmi 2.0 since then. now from time to time (about 3-5 times a day) the picture off for 2-3 seconds then comes back. The display is still open but the picture is not showing up when that arrives. I tried another hdmi port both on the display and on my gpu but it doesn't fix anything. I also tried the displayport, it almost always never works Any tricks I could try or I'd better rma it?
  14. I just pulled the trigger on the ergochair 2, with tax it came up at 516$ CAD but with Honey I got someone's referral code and got a 33$ rebate, it costed 478$ in the end. Though I'd let you know
  15. Hi, hope you're having a good day. So I'm looking for a new ergonomic chair. Problem is: not much is available in canada since shipping from the us is often 100$+ I'd like to know of any good sites in canada to buy ergonomic chairs. I'd also like to get some recommendations around the 400$ range (330 USD) I'm 5ft10 150lb if that helps. I will sit in that chair for 12-16 hours a day (study computer science and I'm a programmer) If possible I would like full mesh, a headrest, 45 degree reclining with multiple locking angles, lumbar support and adjustable armrests.
  16. Hi, I got free time so I started to learn Angular, now I want to do the backend to communicate with my database in C# and saw that visual studio has a project template for exactly that BUT I already started a Angular project, so I'm wondering if just moving the files over on a c# existing project will create conflicts and if so I'll start an angular-c# template project. Not sure if that makes sense..? Thanks anyway
  17. Hi, hope you're all doing well So I'm planning on buying this monitor https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Monitors/TUF-Gaming-VG27AQ/overview/ It is gsync compatible and has elmb sync. Basically I just want to confirm my understanding of the gsync situation in 2020. So this monitor support 48-165 hz when using displayport. This means that, since its gsync compatible, its going to be the exact same as true gsync for this range, the benefit oftrue gsync would be for dips below 48hz, right? I have an 8700 and a 1080ti so I'm not too concerned about going below 48hz... thanks!
  18. Hi, So I'm in university and right now I have to do an algorithm to solve a problem using dynamic programming. My teacher showed us the knapsack problem for two dimensional arrays and gave us our problem to solve. I cant send it since its in french, but basically I have to find the best possible team from a list of hockey players by maximizing their expected points (the value) and where their weight are their salaries. Now, that not complicated at all but I also have to take into consideration that the team needs a certain number of attack, defense and goalkeepers players
  19. yeah I forgot, i've got a note 9 and both earbuds mentionned above can be used independently
  20. Hi, I'm trying to choose which to get but can't decide my top choices right now would be the galaxy buds and the jaybird vista I wear earbuds all day while i'm working and on/off when i'm at school I like the ipx7 of the jabra's (I dont do sports but its a peace of mind if it starts raining) while the galaxy buds are only ipx2 I haven't tried the vista's but I like the fit of the galaxy buds Price is not much of a concern since in the end I'll wear them everyday for 4-10 hours so I want a quality product I'm open to any other suggestions, I need good battery life, not "airpods s
  21. I bought them 2 years ago and returned immediately as they were not comfortable at all imo, instead I bought the akg k7xx from massdrop
  22. Hi, So I need a laptop for university and came up on this, its the perfect laptop for my needs when you configure it with the r7 3750u, 16gb ram and 512gb ssd and 1080p screen. the only thing that worries me is the battery, Do you think it'll be enough? https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-e-series/E595/p/22TP2TEE595 Its going to be used for computer science class: taking notes and programming. any meaningfull comment is appreciated
  23. Yeah I know about ninite... well thanks anyway, guess I'll just delay the updates till I got time for it