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  1. would you by any chance know how I can map an entity property to a non-entity property (which is the column value) without creating join tables? I need the appointmentNumber (which is a string (varchar in DB)) to be mapped to this here's the non-entoty that I want to map with on the number property I got it working with @Embeddable and @Embedded annotations but it creates a join table which I can't have
  2. I found my error actually, in the console, hibernete doesn't show the inserted value, it maks parameters as "?". It was working all along, I just did not know it.
  3. Hi, I'm having trouble saving objects in my in memory h2 database (using hibernate) I checked and my entityManager is correct, it starts the transaction, tries to persist the object, commit the transaction (or rollback if an exception is throws) Now, I dont understant why, when I look in the console, as soon as I persist the object, I get this: Entity: In repository: Content of object to persist: I've been trying to figure this out for a couple hours but nothing seems to fix it, what dis I do wrong?
  4. solved using config.property(ServerProperties.LOCATION_HEADER_RELATIVE_URI_RESOLUTION_DISABLED, true);
  5. Hi, We're doing a java api and need to return the path to the get of an object we just created in a post request. The header location should be /reservations/{reservationNumber} but It is http://localhost:8181/reservations/{reservationNumber} We can't figure out how to remove the authority part of the uri (http://localhost:8181) since the .build() add's it automatically... Any help is appreciated
  6. I actually don't know which program she uses, but for the budget, I think the 10400 will be better since its a 6 core while the r5 3400g is only 4 cores
  7. she works in accounting, so I was thinking either a r5 3400g or a i5 10400, she won't need a gpu
  8. Hi, I'm building a computer for my mom, its for her work and if it follows her old pc's trend its going to be in use for 6-8 years. She is not a tech person at all so I want something very reliable. If it was for me I'd obviously go with ryzen but I think their drivers are less stable than intel, am I wrong? Which one would you go for in this situation? thanks
  9. well I'm tying but I dont see anything different than the other that would suggest one packet is sending a password file...
  10. Hi, So I've got a homework to do. They gave me a pcapng file (constains wireshark packets) The question is : Knowing that port 80 is usually used for the http protocol, show that this protocol was used to send sensible informations regarding a file containing passwords from machine to a distant server So I filtered my packets : tcp.port == 80 && ip.addr == && http But now I still don't get how to show which packets contain those informations I'm looking at the info column to try and figure out something but I don't get it... Doing
  11. alright, I'm retarded, I downloaded maven source not binary so I was missing the whole bin directory
  12. Hi, I have this error “mvn not recognized as an internal or external command” (on windows 10) I have correct environment variables JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11 MAVEN_HOME = C:\maven They are added to the path %JAVA_HOME%\bin %MAVEN_HOME%\bin I restarted my machine But I still get the error message when trying "mvn -version" I need help, thanks
  13. Hi, So I've gotten this monitor at the begining of summer. I've used it on hdmi 2.0 since then. now from time to time (about 3-5 times a day) the picture off for 2-3 seconds then comes back. The display is still open but the picture is not showing up when that arrives. I tried another hdmi port both on the display and on my gpu but it doesn't fix anything. I also tried the displayport, it almost always never works Any tricks I could try or I'd better rma it?