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    Allen, Texas
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    Don't ground yourself to the video card, kids.
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    Arcade Attendant


  • CPU
    Intel i7-4900MQ
  • Motherboard
    Dell Precision M4800 Motherboard
  • RAM
    16 GB DDR3L
  • GPU
    Quadro K2100M
  • Case
    Dell Precision M4800 Laptop
  • Storage
    Samsung 850 EVO 250 Gb mSATA SSD, 1 Tb HGST Laptop drive, some 320 Gb laptop drive
  • PSU
    Dell Laptop Power Brick
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    Gateway 1200p 75 Hz, Some Dell 4:3
  • Cooling
    Dell OEM laptop fans, 2x
  • Keyboard
    AZIO MGK-1
  • Mouse
    Corsair SABRE RGB Optical
  • Sound
    Headsets: HyperX Cloud Revolver, Steelseries Siberia 350 Speakers: stereo speakers from 2004
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I use this, It's great. https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Gaming-Sabre-Weight-Optical/dp/B01APA8D2G
  2. Those jumps were amazing, maybe they'll make a skateboarding version? Also, how much does it weigh? If it can last so long on battery I'd imagine it weighs at least 500 lbs.
  3. With gold mining you'll at least get a few grains of gold if you spend a few days doing it, with crypto mining you'll only get a large power bill.
  4. No, they're worthless at the moment. There are too many for any one of them to be viable. Wait for them to be mainstream (like walmart accepting bitcoin) to do anything.
  5. With the way things are going with Nvidia, a single high power GPU is the best course. Also, If you're wanting the second GPU for rendering and gaming at the same time, you'll need a beefy CPU for that. Don't bother.
  6. When a GPU is busy it uses the PCIE lanes to communicate with the CPU, which uses the CPU resources. If you really want to waste your electricity on GPU mining, get another computer to do it. It's not worth it now, and you're better off using your GPU for a better cause like Protein folding. If you want more info, the forum has a board dedicated to it.
  7. Get a new mouse or warranty it if it's still in warranty. All mice break over time, some worse than others. I had a mouse start double-clicking on me when I only clicked once after a few years.
  8. I have this keyboard, it's great: https://www.amazon.com/Azio-Backlit-Mechanical-Keyboard-MGK1/dp/B00OBA6QYY I don't know if you can get it in Europe, but it's a good price in the US.
  9. I've helped a family friend with their computers before, I replaced two PSUs made by Bestec in one year, would not recommend. Also, 300W is a little slim for a PSU, I'd get a 450 Watt to be safe, PSUs like Bestec tend to slowly deliver less and less of their rated power over time.
  10. If you really want RAID0, then get a backup HDD and make frequent backups. In reality, RAID0 is pretty useless with SSD speeds and HDD latency. If you're only using it for Steam then I don't see any harm in it, just don't expect faster load times.
  11. When you plug ethernet from a router to the port on the motherboard, are there LED lights? If so, what colors?
  12. In my opinion, no. Most movies are mastered for 1080p bluray, and 4k blurays are so new and expensive that it's not worth it. Wait a few years when they get cheap to buy it, let someone else pay the early adopter tax.
  13. If the TV has an up scaling engine then anything that is displayed goes through processing to make it upscaled. I honestly wouldn't worry about it if you think it works fine, and to answer your question yes, any image would work, from any source.
  14. Ah I see. I'll have to boot into my BIOS and see. Hopefully I have gen 2