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    Birmingham, UK
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    Partying and Games is where it's at.
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    Self-taught PC builder and studying software & game development at a college in a shitty city. Hoping to study further into indie game development at Southampton.
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    Was in retail for a bit...


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    Intel Core i5-3350p (3.1Ghz)
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    ASRock H61M-VG4
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    2x 4GB + 2x 2GB DDR3-1333
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    Upgrading to: R9 380x
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    Corsair 200R
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    1x 180GB SSD - 1TB, 2x 500GB HDD's
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    Corsair CX600
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    3x 1440x900 (Dell P1913, B19WVJAZ1, Hanns.G HW173)
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    ASUS Xonar DGX
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. Advice on how to boot into CD drive? or boot into anything for that matter. It just gets stuck on 'Loading Operating System' and then hard resets
  2. Hi there, so recently I bought a relatively old LGA 1155 Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 Rev2.0 motherboard. I know it's old but unfortunately at this time I can't really afford a newer MOBO and CPU. Annoyingly, this motherboard has been giving me nothing but trouble. It wouldn't let me update the BIOS to the latest version, which happens to be the UEFI support update, which I think may be causing the problem. I'm currently on the FD version, which is second latest. I also had problems trying to find some compatible RAM until my partner came over with 2x4GB sticks that are the same model, after I put those
  3. I think the fan you currently have could be an interesting option, I'd like to have something that i can control, which is something I can't do with my current molex fans lol.
  4. I'm a complete noon when it comes to cooling. I assumed RPM just meant like, speed lol.
  5. Welp. In that case I'm willing to put up with it
  6. Hiya. Im looking for a fan to put on my PC rear that's capable of high speeds. It doesn't have to be quiet, but I don't want it to sound like a hairdryer. Just a fast speed, I'm thinking somewhere above 2000rpm for a price around £10. Also has to be 120mm Thank you! Also I'm from UK so pls don't link foreign items if I can't get it here.
  7. I guess i'm 19 today, anybody want to swap ages? (preferably younger, thx)

  8. I'm quite liking my new picture. It's very... photogenic.

  9. 950 is a lot faster and newer, so you will get more good out of it than a 750 ti
  10. Ohhh, that must be why then. Though my fans never used to go that loud, so maybe it's just something that happens overtime?
  11. Ah thats good then I might need to add that to my buy list, I am starting work very soon and need to upper my system a little bit, so I will definitely consider one of them. Thanks ^^
  12. Hmm, yeah I suppose it could just be something our PC's do, though it does get me paranoid because I feel like it's damaging them, which it might be i'm not sure, they seem to work well a few minutes into boot just when starting up its a bit iffy
  13. Nope, i'm running an ASRock H61M-VG4, and I think my partner uses an MSi motherboard
  14. Maybe it could be the cause of it? Thing is though after a good few minutes, it goes back to normal speed, so you can barely hear it and I assume that's normal, I just wondered why it goes insane when booting up, maybe because it draws too much power?
  15. I think your cable management is pretty neat... then again if you saw mine you'd probably be killing yourself cause there's only so much I can work with non-modular PSU's.