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  1. Linus you are the reason that I am interested in computers. I chose to follow a career in computer engineering and I taught myself how to code because of you
  2. I love that it isn't an ancient dell and has an amazing look and powerful hardware
  3. I love the fact that you don't need to close a window to reply to a text, all phone should do that. The user replaceable battery is a sweet addition and that freaking insane display
  4. The tjo4 looks amazing made entirely from metal, the h440 looks cleaner in my opinion than the front of the r4. If you don't want to overclock hope silverstones evaporating cooler comes out soon
  5. There just isn't a market for a low draw system to need an extremely efficient psu, it will save you almost no money and cost several times more
  6. Linus ran an ssd a hard drive two 780 Ti's in sli with a 4770k with 32 gigs of ram and overclock es on 700 watts, your fine
  7. I have been trying to buy an elite 110 for my build because I like the look and the price ,but I can't find it in Canada on NCIX or newegg
  8. Have you checked out any of silverstones or Lian Lis cases they probably have something for you like the rvz01 or the q28
  9. Today I put a samsung 840 pro into a dell inspiron 7720. I put it into the secondary drive bay and was planning on cloning the drives using the magician software that samsung includes. However when I booted my pc i could not find the drive in disk management. I tried rebooting the pc and taking the drive out and putting it back in. I am wondering if it is a dead drive or if the slot in my laptop is faulty. Could someone tell me causes for this issue and if I have faulty hardware.
  10. Today I put a samsung 840 pro into a secondary drive bay in a dell laptop and when I booted the pc the drive was not recognized. Even when samsungs magician software did a scan. I tried rebooting and it did not help. I am unaware of any drivers that need to installed.
  11. When you type direct Cu II you can't capitalize the u because then it goes from being copper to carbon uranium II cooler and an ion can't be multivalent so the II doesn't make sense. And I doubt that asus uses exclusively copper II for their coolers. This post may seen anal but IUPAC disagrees and standard nomenclature is important.
  12. You should get an fx-6300 the asus fm2 evo something or other. You should should buy an r9 270 it will work a lot better. Eight gigabytes of ram would be way better for an 800 dollar build. Get an ssd and a wd or seagate hard drive. You do not need anything close to an 800 watt power supply. That case is ugly and plastic, unless you like that.
  13. You forgot a hot plate case mod so you can cook bacon with your computer
  14. Are your programs more CPU or gpu bound, you may consider a 780 for better cuda performance. Dual CPU May be a reasonable option. Or for open cl work fire pros would be better than a quadro.
  15. I want to build it for the fun of tinkering