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  1. yea nvm. pc version is out of stock can only use the code for xbox version
  2. is the code taken already? D:
  3. looking for a good deal on 1440p ips monitor. Is this it? i have a gtx 980 non-ti. would this be a good match? i'm gaming on some cheap 1080p tn 60hz asus monitor.
  4. I just made an account and bought arkham knight. accidentally put my email address wrong gotta wait till monday to get it resolved gg no re
  5. I have a GTX 980 but no gsync monitor. I'd like to try out AMD's variable frame rate tech with their new cards.
  6. Honestly the video was amazing!!! The projector has so many cool possibilities for entertainment.
  7. This is a screenshot of the dump file. any help is appreciated
  8. I want my pc to be perfectly functional. I dont want to disable sleep because it means the underlying problem is still there.
  9. You know what. Linus always recommends populating the dual channel slots furthest from the CPU to allow more breathing room to the CPU. So basically my sticks sit on slots 2 and 4. It probably doesn't make a difference in temperature. But the motherboard does say to populate 1 and 3 first. Could that be the cause of the 'crash on wake'?
  10. If it has been asleep for a while it will most likely crash. I have all the latest drivers installed as well as the latest bios as of this moment. The Xmp profile overclocks the ram to 2666mhz. I have the dark rock pro 3. so removing the ram sticks is a b*tch! I think I'll have to test one stick at a time :'(
  11. So I built a pc last December. Using an Asus Z170-A with a 6700k and a gtx 980. I noticed that it crashes when it wakes from sleep. I suspect bad Ram. I did a clean install of windows 10 pro. I have everything running at stock except the Ram. I did 10 passes of memtest86 with xmp enabled and no errors were found. I get a BAD_POOL_HEADER error on the bluescreen when it wakes. Is the RAM bad? btw my RAM is 2x8Gb of Corsair DDR4 LPX.
  12. Rig name: ProtoType Cpu: Intel Core i7 6700k Gpu: PNY GTX 980 XLR8 Pro Ram: 16gb Corsair ddr4 Lpx 2666mhz Score: 9.6 (Very High)