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  1. Noctua black coolers, now you can have your cake and eat it too. Amazing!
  2. Seems to be one of those proprietary motherboard from Dell or others.
  3. It won't work unless you get a cheap m.2 SATA to PCI-e adapter. Those don't cost much.
  4. Any tower cooler that fits that socket will work. The cryorig h7 it pretty good, same for the freezer 33, even the classic hyper 212 will work just fine. You can just get any of those that it on sale or the cheapest right now.
  5. I'll recommend a separate modem and router. Because you can always change out the router for a better one, with lots of options to choose from. As for a modem/router combo, I think there aren't that many great options out there now.
  6. Ok. Sorry I didn't know that. I've seen systems with both quadro and geforce working, as long as they are in the same generation, which the p600 and 1070 should be.
  7. It should not matter, the driver will just find the suitable cards for each other. Besides the P600 and the 1070 are not even the same GPU core underneath, so there should not be any conflict.
  8. Might be the bios limiting the fans from going any lower than some speed.
  9. You can adjust the fan speed settings in the bios. Just set a fan curve for the fans to not spin when not under load.
  10. Maybe you need to buy the GPU riser cable.
  11. It just is a higher clock SKU. Also only K-series (i9-8950HK) can be overclocked, assuming the laptop supports it.
  12. LG Wallpaper TV Window Project COMPLETE – Linus Office Tour I think it was this one.
  13. I think just the 2950x will be sufficient for video editing. The performance gains, if any, imo doesn't justify the extra $800 you'll be paying for.
  14. I think the AIO would be better. The D9L might be too small for the 5820K oc'd.
  15. Sorry to disappoint, but I believe there is no easy way to run them both together even if pro applications, let alone games.
  16. I'll recommend just getting a cheap Android phone, new or used. It's probably the more versatile than just a mp3 player.
  17. That card shouldn't need liquid cooling to overclock well. You can give it a try, no harm there.
  18. Consider getting the RAM second-hand. RAM usually is pretty good second hand, and you can get it for very good price.... Also, DDR4 pricing is terrible..........
  19. It'll work, but I dont' think that i3 is that much worth it considering the price..
  20. Yup. As long as the adapter supports the M.2 M-key and 4 lanes of PCI-e
  21. Sometimes I heard Linus mentions a service called Parsec, I've never used it. Maybe you can look into it. Here's the link: https://parsecgaming.com/
  22. Just like anything in life, if it's too good to be true, STAY AWAY FROM IT... Sorry for the bold text.