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    Phenom ii X4 965
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    none at the moment
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    samsung 500gb
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    dell 720p
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    razer deathadder
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    windows 8
  1. Hey, my friend wants a rig just for Battlefield 4 (single and multiplayer)and he's on a budget, and i kind of have an idea of what cpu/gpu i should pick for him but i want you guys to double check Would a g3258 and 750 ti do, and on what settings(720p monitor)? If so and on Normal settings+ with decent fps, is it possible if i could do it with a g3258 and a lower end gpu (gt740, gt 730) and still get decent performance just to save some money for him(i heard bf4 needs more than 4gb so i have to spend more money on ram that's why)
  2. Yes i have adblock and it only occurs to chrome not opera
  3. When I watch videos at a random point the video freezes and then i can't click anything on chrome. the only option i have is the close chrome and when i open it back up it says chrome didn't shut down correctly. This happens to me on almost every single video I watch. Help? Note: i've tried reinstalling chrome and that didn't help
  4. It's pretty good but I would recommend getting an i3 for those types of games If you want to save money the Pentium G3258 can handle those games fine. Also, I recommend getting a different power supply that has an 80+ bronze/silver/gold rating because those are more efficient.
  5. Lately Chrome is freezing on me. It has happened 5 times to me today and all of them occurred when I was in the middle of watching a youtube video. The video freezes, I can't click anything, and then Chrome starts not responding. I've waited 5 minutes and Chrome is still not responding, so I have no option but to close it. When I reopen Chrome, it says "Chrome didn't shut down correctly." Any ideas on the problem?
  6. A good tennis game? Thanks.
  7. I'm pretty sure the network adapter in my Lenovo laptop microsoft signature edition's network adapter is faulty, since I can't access the internet at random times probably two+ times a day, and the internet doesn't disappear from the internet list, it just stays as normal. So should I buy a network adapter for my laptop and if so which one
  8. sadly there is nothing you can do but get a different graphics card. overclocking will improve the performance by a little but not by much that you can play it at at least 720p
  9. Ok, I'm helping a friend, so he has a Gateway desktop that has a q6600. he wants to game and i'm pretty sure you can not overclock a prebuilt even if it has the q6600. so what is the maximum graphics card that will bottleneck the q6600 WITHOUT OVERCLOCK? and also he's gaming on 720p so it's alright that the only choices are lower end cards. i'm thinking gtx 560, gtx 650, gtx 650 ti, gtx 650 ti boost, gtx 750,gtx 750 ti. I saw the evga memorial day weekend sale but I think q6600 bottlenecks the gtx 570/580
  10. tsm

    GTA V

    fine, a quad core is actually the best for gta v, and also i5 is a very good quad core. your gpu is also good, so it will run fine. over 60 fps on ultra 1080p
  11. Hey, I would like to start recording gameplay on Minecraft. I want to record on my laptop, so what recording software doesn't lower the frames by too much, and has decent quality?
  12. no. but why are you getting the 8800 gt? that card is old