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    Rohith_Kumar_Sp reacted to zanthros in The Backfire Effect: Why Facts Don’t Win Arguments   
    Many times people have their own point of view and having them to try and change their mind is impossible as "They know the facts!" Their mind has been made up already and you are just "Trying to confuse the issue with the facts" The only mind that can be changed is one that is open.
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    Rohith_Kumar_Sp reacted to Victorious Secret in From: Latest Apple Watch estimates: 3M sales, $2B revenue, Apple’s most profitable product ever   
    The computer that looked like a trash can was a full featured workstation rig that is still smaller than anything you can DIY yourself while still having two workstation GPUs and a fully replaceable 2011 CPU. 

    You just seem mad that Apple succeeds and all your esoteric brands fail. Welcome to reality, leave the shitposts at the door.