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  1. Hello, I have been stuck trying to boot back into Windows after pushing my last overclock a bit. I can get into the bios and everything seems to be set to defaults there, but when I attempt to boot windows it sends me automatic recovery and says the drive where windows is installed is locked. I have tried following these directions with no luck. Step 9 failed with the last command (bcdboot c:Windows /s z:) had an error that said BFSVS Error: Could not open the BCD template store. Status = [c000000f] I also tried these steps and the ssd with my windows installation is still locked. I o
  2. Seriously. Google ripped on Apple for getting rid of the 3.5mm jack on the iPhone 7 and now they're going to do the same thing. And it bet it won't impact their sales much either
  3. Here's to hoping it's something that will be fixed in the not-so distant future.
  4. I'm looking into this exact question right now for my next build which will be a custom loop and I will need at least dual 240mm rad's in it. Have you found out the answer to this question? Because I would love to put a rad on top and on bottom, even if it means forgoing the sideways gpu mounting option they include.
  5. How come more people aren't discussing that DirecTV now owns HBO? That seems to me to be the more likely link in the chain for fucking with HBO.
  6. Not sure if it's already been said but I would prefer a quiet high performance build to a moderate/loud higher performance build. My my current build is great and I can't hear it with headphones on (gaming at load or in multiplayer games) but my next comp will have a custom loop and lower rpm fans so that I won't have to hear any noise hopefully.
  7. Here is my complaint. If you want you can use it as a template for your own complaints. "Comcast is now rolling out their new 1TB/month internet data cap. Because I predominantly stream 4K video content for entertainment at home I am currently using much more data than this new 1TB plan would allow me. I am paying for the fastest internet plan Comcast allows (and they are the only modern internet provider where I live) so the fact that they are now going to gouge my prices arbitrarily is very frustrating. Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint and for your continued commitment
  8. If only all managers were like that...
  9. I've been playing the closed beta for the past day and it is really good imo, but like others I was a pretty big fan of the first one too. The visuals are great.
  10. that looks like the frame of a dune buggy or something
  11. Oh YES I loved customizing XP. In hindsight I made it really slow and super ugly but I thought it was cool.
  12. Yup. So these will be even harder to type on than reds. Also the accompanying Corsair keyboard uses (imo) gross keycaps.
  13. What an awesome case. Excellent job! Keep it up!
  14. Damn. Prince was a huge influence in the development of the Minnesota/Twin Cities music scene. He will be sorely missed!
  15. Awesome, sounds easy. I'll give it a try when i'm home tonight!
  16. I am hoping to learn how to create gifs to post to reddit from games such as CS:Go and R6:S. I am playing at 1440p 144Hz. I can record using ShadowPlay, Fraps, or OBS, and plan on editing with Photoshop. What is the correct process for editing the file in Premiere , and what settings should I use when exporting as a gif? I would like to retain the quality as much as possible and keep the framerate as high as I can while keeping the filesize low enough to upload to Imgur (50MB max). Thanks
  17. Yeah they are pretty annoying to remove, but to be fair I am using the Max keycaps included puller and not a wire one.
  18. I replaced the tramp stamp sticker and Keycaps on my K70 and I think it turned out great!
  19. I think the first video game I ever played was either 3d pinball or Pokemon Pinball on my Gameboy Color
  20. Really? How long would these pre-order prices remain? Who would actually be willing to pre-order these at those prices?
  21. Sorry for the low-quality pics. Super excited to finally get my hoodie! I love it!
  22. Then he'll dry it off in the oven and everything will be fine again