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G33k 4 L1F3

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    G33k 4 L1F3 got a reaction from K1ngju for a blog entry, New build; B-day coming up :D   
    If you are reading this, congratulations. You have learned that I am good at typing...and you reading.
    Anyways, the more you know.
    I just started a new build log, codename "scratch". The reason for the name is because alot of the main parts are used from my old build, codenamed "cheap"...But it's not so cheap anymore.
    The reason for this build is because my little brother, who finds his peace in playing roblox on his laptop 24/7,(*I am not a fan of roblox, but I love him*) He is a legit "gamer" never to be seen once he wakes up, to going to sleep.
    But one thing has my attention. He has problems playing anything except garrys mod. And I feel he has developed behaviorally enough, (*he has autism, so that's what I'm refering,"behaviorally" to.*), and I have settled into my first, new job, that it's about time to give him an upgrade.
    I have a build setup in pcpartpicker.com, so here it is. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Nerd4L1F3/saved/#view=M43Qzy
    He doesn't need much, and I know he won't be playing triple A titles, so having the best performance isn't needed.
    I am going to do build logs as I get the parts, and this comes to my next event...IT'S MEH BIRTHDAY!!
    Well.. It will be. I have it on the 27th, same day I get to go to school, and work the same day. yay.
    I hope to buy a new camera too. The one I have is not good. at all. At taking video. But it makes great pictures.
    I was going to get a camcorder, but if you have any advice for me of a camera or camcorder that takes great video, and is under $350, I would love the advice!
    Thanks for reading!
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    G33k 4 L1F3 got a reaction from DarraghThePotato for a blog entry, Upgrades to project cheap   
    A little background since you guys have never technically seen nor have I ever made a legit build log of my build...
    All my life I had been seen as a type of person not to hold to a goal that I set myself. Let it be long term or short, they were sorta right. But two months ago, I finally summoned the courage to build my first actual gaming PC, which is ironic because I have always enjoy technology, so why build one just now? Well... the simplest way to answer is to say,"money doesn't grow on trees."
    Only after I had it all built that I ended up calling it project CHEAP. The truth is, most of this stuff was either used or refurbished, so sooner or later I will have to replace some of the parts.
    Here is a list on what I wound up throwing together to make, "CHEAP".
    PSU: CX 600M modular Power supply. I got this off ebay for $58.99. It is a 2013 model that was stripped from a CAD workstation after the OG owners Motherboard died. hasn't given me problems yet.
    MOBO: Gigabyte H81-D3. who wouldn't want a nice starting mobo for only $44.99? this was the refurbish. I just upgraded this bad boy :D main reason for the upgrade is due to its non flexibility to overclocking. It is actually a real nice board, but it didn't offer me nearly as much as my new Z97 G45 gaming by MSI. My mother was able to get me this on sale as payment for taking care of her after her surgery. This motherboard is so much better :) It offers m.2 support, 3 way CROSSFIREX, 2 way SLI, and allows me to OC way better!
    CPU: The holy grail of intel processors...the pentium G3258! I love this thing. it's like the little engine that could. I ran stability tests starting off, and am confident to validate that after I get a AiO, that it will be able to run at at least 4.4Ghz per core...I cannot wait! I got this new, as to ensure stability.
    Case: NZXT 210 non windowed black. I got this sucker for $40 on ebay brand new from newegg. I cannot say any bad things about this case, other then I should have gone with the windowed case. But that just gives me a reason to one day cut a hole in the side, and slap on plexy glass to show off my PC's inner beauty!
    GPU: I got an MSI 270 OC from ebay off of a trustworthy seller for $100. He said he has had it for only 4 months, and I would agree. I set it through its paces, OC'd the ****(I added those) out of the memory and clock speed, and am able to push it up to 1150mhz core, and 1550mhz memory. by the way things are going, I'm looking to adding another 270 sooner or later to have a crossfire config. it will be used of course.
    all in all, this is the best build I have ever come up with, and can safely say this is the most I have invested in with my own money since having to pay for dinner that one night....so many people.
    Stay tuned for more!