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  1. Thats the ticket. Windows can only do so much when you do a fresh install. it is always best to lookup each hardwares product page and download the drivers to get the best support. I always have lagging issues with new server setups.
  2. Make sure you reinstall any and all necessary drivers needed from the respective manufacturers. Not having proper drivers can cause heavy lag and issues as Windows is trying to use generic drivers to try and communicate with the equipment.
  3. And you verified that the password change did not go into effect?
  4. Any issues I have ever experienced when working with clients at work regarding hyperlinks for passwords or similar, it always turned out to be a problem either with the browser needing a quick cleanup/cookie wipe or the website is being wak. I would begin by running a cleaning utility to clear any soggy and stale cookies making a mess of your browsers. Then report back.
  5. Sounds to me like a messed up driver. If you recently updated the laptops display driver, revert to the old driver and see if the problem persists. If you have not recently updated drivers, please do so. If it is heat related, you can monitor using HWMonitor. This will give you temperatures on board and around the laptop to see if it is that. Let us know what you discover.
  6. @Justasking This smells like a power issue. Could be as simple as a loose connection. First thing you can do is pitch the CD drive lol. jk, but follow what @Levent said with removing all but what is absolutely necassary to start. this wayt we can eliminate variables to what may be preventing the system from starting.
  7. Just because it shows power, doesn't means something cannot be broken. If you remove the gpu again, does it post?
  8. Its...a computer. Dudes got some serious addictions for flipping out over something that can easily be replaced. lol
  9. @Xaniene? Unless there is the ability to try other hardware, it sounds to me like something went bad. It happens. Try to stay calm when you explain it to the client. They don't know computers like you do, and when I handle a berating client, I inform them about alternatives and understanding that I am there to help them to the end. I would definitely ask them when the PC was purchased and let them know you would contact ibuypowerpc to make things right. I'm sure you will get to the bottom of this, but without testing with spare hardware, seems the only explanation is that it is a hardware mal
  10. @Fuzzleworth1 100% Agreed. I know from working with PC hardware for 8 years that I constantly assume the worst, when in reality it is always the simple things that cause the most stress haha.
  11. Do yourself a solid, and be aware of what ramps up when you enter a game. some investigative work will go a long way. The three most common fans to be super loud is the PSU, GPU and CPU fans. My money goes on either the PSU or the CPU. and considering you use a Hyper 212 Evo on a K series CPU, Id make the assumption you are doing a minor OC. OCing will cause heat which in turn causes noise. If not ,Im still willing to bet if the pc isn't on carpet, then the CPU is to blame. That is you haven't been altering fan speeds within BIOS, which is also a possibility. As far as
  12. I admit I quickly read and reread trying to piece everything together on this issue. I would try and keep it simple. and try not to sweat so much about this. Hell, use me as a reference and I would be happy to calm your clients down. If it all started when you took it apart. I would begin with the basics. Remove all but one stick of RAM, remove graphics card, replug into onboard, and remove the CMOS battery. One extra step you need to do with clearing the BIOS is there is a jumper known as the CLRTC. here is a pic on where it is on that motherboard below. after followi
  13. Ah, I regretably brain farted... with no display, why would you ? my bad @Xaniene Have you tried removing the graphics card, and rerunning off the onboard? p.s. Don't loan anyone a personal PC. I am a technician by trade, and have an entire stack of PC's that I loan to clients before a replacement is purchased. If it's new enough, maybe thiers is under warranty. Just remind them that the original issue had to do with graphics to begin with. Just like cars, as soon as you start tearing things apart to fix one probblem, many more can start to surface until soon enough it
  14. Go into bios and check that the option is set to either automatically detect the output of video, or to select only dedicated graphics. *edit* whats stopping you from getting into bios? Also, inform the client that technology has a wierd way of throwing a cog into anyones wonderful stress free life.
  15. The 1080 should not have any issues like this. GPU health is based on the loss of performance and/or artifacting. The Fx 8150 was released way back in October 2011. All signs point to bottlenecking. Plus your on AM3. its about time you considered upgrading to AM4. I would personally just skip am3+ altogether considering you have a 1080.
  16. Not really, but I recocommend following a how to as it will require some additional understanding of whats going on. Here is a guide on overclok3d: https://www.overclock3d.net/news/memory/how_to_manually_set_up_your_ram_speed_timings_and_voltage/1 and another good read right here on linustechtips forums:
  17. Is it only league of legends? Have you made the correct port forwarding rules for QOS of LOL? @Wufflez I agree.
  18. Have you ensured the latest BIOS version is flashed on the Motherboard? https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z370P-D3-rev-10#support-dl-bios @a10r7xx
  19. Holy moly that build has us going back in time. What was the reasoning behind buying this computer vs. Just buying the parts for a budget computer? support will be limited on an older PC like this. and just removing the CMOS will not do anything. the BIOS settings are saved to a firmware chip on the motherboard, and will need to be cleared via the jumper settings. @Jarno04607 *edit* To add, if this doesn't work, and the onboard is broken, ,then it sounds to me that this was unfortunately an unsound investment. He may need to consider scrapping the build and starting new
  20. Ahh... The infamous BBZZZZZZZRRRRRRZZZZRRRRBBBB. I used to have this happen on my old laptop when I used to play Garrys mod. Those were them good ole days. Turned out that when playing, the Harddrive was on it's way out. after upgrading to SS, all my troubles went away. That is as long as I kept things cool. What is your storage solution looking like? let us know what models you have. @Flyguy345
  21. I had forgotten to suggest this. Wouldn't even occur to me that this could be a missed step lmao
  22. @Melmac Sounds to me like your low end decision is giving you high end problems. When it comes to pushing the max resolution at its fastest refresh rate, i would never hold it against a cheap monitor to do it at the resolutions it claims. If this did not do it before the upgrade, and considering your specs, it seems to me that the monitor just wasn't built to its own specs. We shouldn't rule out however that AMD drivers can always give grief when it comes to high resolution and high refresh rate. but im less confident with the latter, and 100% on the former.
  23. When you upgraded, did you use the original Boot drive (windows)? If so, which I imagine you would, did you make sure to run a sysprep before swapping? conflicting drivers and sysinfo can cause boot loops (fruit loops) as well as weird anomalies such as instability with overclocking. unfortunately XMP isn't an AMD technology, instead we need to look more into why DRAM Over Clocking Profile is being temper mental. Even though you have the latest Firmware, If using the automatic OC with DOCP is not working, and you feel comfortable enough, consider manually setting the RAM speeds.
  24. A computer can be very temper mental. One of the biggest reasons why a computer may due this can be as simple as a physical component is not seated correctly. When the PC is first powered on, it runs what is known as POST (Power On Self Test). If it runs into a problem with this test, it either beeps at you, or just shuts down. For starters, unplug every non vital USB or video, and reseat the RAM and graphics card. Then try to power it on. If it still does this, please inform us with what your components are so we can better assist. One other possibility is that the mo