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  1. Linus did a video with industrial fans(don't think its the one you're talking about,) and the temps were AMAZING IIRC. I'd rather leave an ac unit by my pc and use that to keep everything under control than have an air compressor/industrial fan running.
  2. Just give the pump some time to run. Most of the bubbles should clear out without you doing anything at all.
  3. Indeed. I'm thinking a pump top mounted by the psu at the bottom of the case and a reservoir of some kind at mounted where the rear 120mm fan would go or on top of the psu.
  4. Last week I updated my pc and kind of rushed new watercooling parts into my loop(specifically my photon 270 res/pump combo,) as I thought the 570x would have plenty of room for it. Turns out I don't have nearly as much room as I thought. In a month I'm going on vacation and while I'm gone I have to RMA my strix 1080ti since some of the leds are dead on my fan shroud. Once I get back I'd like to delid my 8700k, put a waterblock on my strix, and redo my loop. Currently I have an xspc ex360, photo 270 w/D5, and xspc raystorm block. I'd like to replace the ex360 with an rx360-v3 rad th
  5. Will definitely mess with this after I get my new strip if they don't want me to send the mismatched one back.
  6. No worries. Thanks for the fast response
  7. @CableMod Nowwww I'm really confused. The extension strip doesn't match the kit?
  8. Hello! I ordered a cablemod widebeam RGB-UV strip thinking I could connect it right onto my asus MOBO and have everything be all good, however it turns out that the UV/W strips aren't exactly supported since the strips are 5 pin and my motherboard is a 4 pin. I can't seem to find any adapters Nor have I had any luck with finding cablemods 5 pin controller. Is there anyway I can power the UV portion by itself, or what else would I need to buy? All I'd like is the UV portion to always be on. Thanks!
  9. Oh my! I thought this was a troll thread for a second. I'm so happy that x58 seems to be thriving .
  10. If they integrated a gel pad, and made it wireless for the same price I'd freaking love one. My $5 belkin pad is 10+ years old :lol:
  11. Clearly not the worst decision since he seems to know what he wants and even double checking to make sure everythings good .
  12. I'm sure people with pcs and your same view on this(paying much more for a 4k console, or even a 1080 144hz console) are far and few between. Especially considering consoles aren't upgradable, or even something you can crack open to clean dust out of. Plus, if they made it a hardcore gaming machine it would increase in size, and that would be a major no-no imo. Having more console games to play on pc would be much more reasonable.