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    Intel Core i7 4790k @4.6 GHz
  • Motherboard
    EVGA Z97 Stinger Core-3D
  • RAM
    16GB 2133MHz Corsair Dominator Platinum
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 980ti SC+
  • Case
    DanCase A4-SFX v1
  • Storage
    128 GB Samsung 850 Pro, 512 GB Samsung 850 EVO, 750 GB HDD
  • PSU
    Silverstone SX600-G
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    Samsung CRG9 (5120x1440), Acer Predator XB271HU (2560x1440)
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    Custom Water Loop
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    Logitech G502
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    Adam Audio T5V, RME ADI-2 Pro DAC, Sendy Aiva, Razer Kraken 7.1v2 Headset
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    Win 10 Pro x64
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    13" Surface Book 2

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  1. Got voted for 4th place in the Dan Case hall of fame competition build is featured on his site now. https://www.dan-cases.com/dana4_hof.html
  2. For anyone that enjoyed this build, I've made it into the top builds for the Dan-Case Hall of Fame Competition and I'd appreciate any votes you can give me. The link for the Hall of Fame details and the voting (located at the bottom of the page) is located here: https://www.dan-cases.com/dana4_hof.html Thanks!
  3. Been troubleshooting for a while with no solution so I figured I'd ask to see if there's something I'm missing. My brother's desktop has 16GB of RAM but only 8GB is showing in the BIOS, Task Manager and System Properties. However if I look at each DIMM slot in the BIOS it shows that each slot is populated and CPUZ shows that all slots are populated and there is 16GB running in dual channel. His PC used to display 16GB in the BIOS but recently has only been showing 8GB. The BIOS has been updated to the latest release. He has an MSI Z77A-G41 motherboard and 4x4GB sticks of Corsair 1
  4. Nice rig. I started with the M1 and then went to the A4v1 last year. Both great choices.
  5. I have a 4790k and have my cpu set to use 6 threads so it's not completely at 100% when set to full. I leave my gpu at -1. Every once in a while it takes a while for my gpu to start folding, not sure why. As for points they update at certain times, so they don't show up instantly on your account.
  6. You can use both, or either. You can also choose how many cores/threads to use. I don't know anything about running it with dual cpu though. Perhaps someone else here has experience with that.
  7. Realized I never uploaded the final pics. Here are a few I took this past spring. I've sinced moved places and the tubing runs are a little more elegant (hidden behind my desk). There are a few minor things I've been meaning to finish like some fitting changes and painting the PCIe extender. Plus upgrading the SSD capacites. Anyways, hope you enjoy!
  8. What voltage are you using? Trying to get past 4.6 stable on mine.
  9. Here is my build log. I planned to go hardline in the M1 but switched to hardline in a Dan Case A4 instead.
  10. GPU cable done. All that's left to do is the 24pin.
  11. Looking great! My OCD tells me you should paint the red "PRO" on the SSD and the red power/reset button on the mobo Edit: and possibly the writing on the IO shroud.
  12. So far I've finished the 8-pin EPS and Sata power cable. Took me about 2 hours each. The Sata one was a bit challenging. He's a picture of the Sata power cable next to the stock cable to show the drastic length difference. The custom lengths really clean up the build.
  13. This looks cool, subbed. I recently used that D5 pump top/res combo in my NCase build; looks slick. However mine tended to leak a bit at the top fill port if I had it too full. Just be careful with it. I suspect silicon tape would fix it but I never got around to it.