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  1. Hey folks! I just want some plain chrome/aluminum/metal-looking RAM for my build. The EK Monarch heatspreader, designed to sit under their RAM waterblock, is perfect. Is that OK to run without a waterblock? I note that it actually doesn't have that much surface area--no fins or anything.
  2. I hadn’t seen any photos of the X570 Godlike Monoblock from Bitspower actually ON the motherboard which made deciding whether or not to get it frustrating. So, in case anyone else finds themselves in that boat: here’s mine!
  3. It's more like I don't want a logo at all. Can try to get it off with chemicals... Hm. Why do you say that the power limit doesn't matter? Isn't that absolutely essential?
  4. Ooh that Heatkiller one is pretty but I hate the branding on it. Wonder if I can remove with some scouring/chemicals? It's going into a reverse case with a vertical mount so I really don't want a big upside-down "HEATKILLER" logo on there...
  5. I know how to overclock but not to factory mod in order to increase power limits. And if I understand correctly, the STRIX has a 480W limit whereas FE has 400 with no BIOS available yet that will allow it to be increased. Am I missing anything?
  6. Hi folks! Hopefully quick question. Money no object, yada yada, we're talking abour 3090s after all: I have a custom loop. Do I want the Founder's Edition because then I can get the awesome new EK waterblock, and I care about aesthetics? Or do I want the Strix because of performance gains (but comparatively lamer waterblocks)? In other words, is the performance gain significant enough to warrant the compromised looks?
  7. I have a pump (the Aquacomputer D5 Next) which takes a SATA power connector with 3 types of wires--12V, 5V, and GND. My case comes with a 3-pin pump connector which I would like to use for cable routing reasons (rather than, say, dragging a SATA connector over from the PSU). Could I make a 3-pin to SATA cable? My understanding is that a standard 3-pin connection is GND, 12V, and "speed"--where would I get the 5V from? Thanks!
  8. Welp, I've finally manged to get a video up which shows my actual gaming room/setup...Just in time for a new build! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1LbOCMdsZo
  9. Thanks! Why is that preferable to using plugins?
  10. I do want the drives easy to upgrade! What do I want to run VMs for?
  11. Here is my hardware: Xeon E3 1240v5 32 GB (2 DIMM) Crucial ECC RAM 6x8TB Seagate Iron Wolf HDD m.2 system drive I am CURRENTLY RUNNING WINDOWS 10 with about 13TB of data used in my BIOS RAID6 array. I chose Windows 10 at first because I needed to run HD Home Run. Now, that's no longer relevant and I'm free! Use cases are: Media server for Windows, Kodi, and Mac, and iOS devices Home server for files and such Torrent seeding and download
  12. Hey all, Building a new system in which I'll have 2x240 rads and one pump. May add an inline temp monitor. What sort of arrangement do you suggest for controlling fans and pump speeds? My mobo has headers, but I think I'd prefer some sort of hidden component for a more stealth look. Is an Aquaero still the state of the art? Is there something that will also allow me to control LEDs? Thanks!
  13. Truly fantastic work--sleeving and all the rest.
  14. Hm. I do wonder what the integrity would be like. Maybe I could machine my own PCIe slots. Not just to see whether SLI is possible...