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  1. Oh. Thanks for telling me, I was just skimming through some Google results, sorry for the false info.
  2. wwsalmon

    Need Help!

    Hmm, maybe a bad sound card/driver? Try using another PC altogether and see if that's the problem.
  3. Aight, found a possible direct solution on this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/chrome/comments/307lqc/help_some_fonts_are_displaying_weirdly_very_thin/ tl;dr: the problem could be caused by a Chrome flag called "DirectWrite" that causes similar rendering of thin fonts (https://gyazo.com/6a0c2fe277d9ddba528c91d8bac640a1). You can disable it by going to chrome://flags and enabling the "Disable DirectWrite" option (https://i.stack.imgur.com/MLL1S.png). There are lots more relevant links just by googling "Thin Fonts Chrome" so if this doesn't work try reading throu
  4. Cleartype shouldn't be a problem, that's just fancy anti-aliasing, shouldn't case any problems with thin and unreadable text. As a troubleshooting step, are you sure that you just don't have the proper fonts installed or the problem is with the website? Try with another browser like Edge or Firefox. Hope this helps, Samson
  5. Agree. 5930K has same amount of cores as 6800k and an ever so slightly higher clock speed, but 6800K has a more efficient architecture (14nm vs 22nm) as it is newer generation and is $100+ cheaper for comparable editing performance. 6 cores will give you a boost for editing over the quad-core 6700k, probably worth the $100 if you edit a lot.
  6. wwsalmon

    Need Help!

    Try updating the drivers, rebooting the PC, using a new USB port, see if that helps. If not, probably a broken unit or you just have too high expectations Hope this helps, Samson
  7. Like DominicNikon said, PNG doesn't show, but here are a few obvious solutions to try (you never know!): 1. Press Ctrl and Plus on your keyboard repeatedly and see if that helps your problem. Go to the topbar three dots/hamburger in the top right corner and click the Plus on the side of the Zoom section. 2. Reset chrome settings by going to settings > show advanced settings > scroll all the way down > reset settings, then restart the browser. 3. Restart your computer. If not that, I don't know what the problem is, you'll have to provide
  8. Lenovo N50 mouse (doesn't track too amazingly, but looks nice, is wireless, and is cheap) Grado SR60E open back headphones Some cheap dell keyboard or other It's a pretty sad setup, but that autore keyboard looks beautiful
  9. Even completely ignoring the 1060, the 970 is a pretty terrible buy for $300. Both the $200 RX480 and $370 GTX1070 outperform it; it's too weak for its price, and too pricey for its performance compared to new generation competitors.
  10. OnePlus X. For $250, absolutely blows competition out of water with great camera, screen, performance, and build quality. Nothing else comes close. http://www.androidauthority.com/best-unlocked-android-phones-581351/
  11. I'm not a pro at this, but here's a thing I found: https://www.amazon.com/gp/richpub/listmania/fullview/R2H0BGF6UWNZV1/ref=cm_lm_pthnk_view?lm_bb=&tag=primelenses-20&ie=UTF8
  12. Unfortunately, I don't have much experience either. I just invested in a mic that had a live feedback jack (Blue Yeti). Here's another forum thread I found about the same issue, and detailing some software and hardware solutions that might be of some help: http://ask.metafilter.com/82493/How-to-hear-my-microphone-in-my-headphones Hope this helps, Samson
  13. Alright. Is there anything in particular about the Macbook Pro that you like versus Windows ultrabooks?
  14. Just out of curiosity, have you ever used a touchscreen Windows ultrabook before?
  15. Most software solutions would have a delay, your best chance would be through hardware. Does your mic have a live feedback headphone jack? An audio interface or preamp would also work and help you monitor your mic live. If it matters to you that much, you might want to consider investing in an audio interface. Hope this helps, Samson
  16. Hey people! I like laptops. They can do a lot of desktop-like tasks without being too much less portable than a phone (I find that in general, tablets are pretty useless). There's a whole lot of diversity in the market, and lots of different ways manufacturers have approached them. So I've been wondering: What's your dream laptop? Would it be an ultrabook? A beast gaming rig? A tablet-laptop hybrid? How would you use it? In conjunction with a desktop? As a replacement for your desktop? What features can you not live without? What features do you need? Please
  17. 1. Restart your computer if you haven't done so already. 2. Go into the command prompt with elevated privileges and type in /sfc scannow. This will look for corrupted DLL files and fix them, which might just fix your problem. 3. If you have a restore point conveniently available, restore to then and see if it fixes your problem. Worst case scenario, refresh or reinstall Windows.
  18. Yeah, for now it's absolutely the best value, right up there with the higher-end Nvidia GTX 1070 and 1080. It's not a bad decision at all.
  19. PROS: Fast as hell, using the snapdragon 820 and 6 freaking GB of RAM (that's double S7 and six times iPhone 6) Good battery life b/c 1080P screen User friendly near-stock Oxygen OS Metal build Super-fast fingerprint scanner Notification slider Cheap!!! CONS: Camera is "as good as last generation's best," so think Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6 level, not quite S7 or 6S. Screen is only 1080P (good for everyday use, but not for VR). No SD card expansion. That's about it, a lot of the issues with previous 1+ phones ha
  20. Right now, the rx480 is about the best option for the price, as it uses AMD's newest Polaris architecture. It delivers gtx 980-level performance, VR capability, easily maxed out 1080P and probably 1440P gaming. i5-4460 shouldn't bottleneck the card unless it's a really CPU-intensive game, and 12GB of RAM is fine.
  21. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/xzVXgs
  22. I would wait for pascal and polaris and see what they have to offer, now's not a great time to invest in a new pc. But here's an Austin Evan $1000 build with a Skylake i5-6500 and r9 390 that could maybe help inspire you.
  23. What the title says! Let's make a giant list of dank tech jokes. I'll start. The GTX 970 was and still is a beast of a card. Back in its day it had amazing value and beastly performance for its price. But then the new R9 390 came out, featuring 4GB more VRAM and more processing power at a lower price, leaving me to drop my rating of the 970 to 3.5/4 stars.
  24. So you're going for an all-out build. 980 TIs, dual 1440P gaming. If you really want to go super-powerful, others might suggest an i7-5960x; I would suggest the more mainstream i7-6700K with an Asus z170 motherboard. This will force you to get DDR4 RAM. So there you go. 980 TI, i7-6700K, Z170. Build. See for some benchmarks and ideas.
  25. Flo Rida I heard this in one of the moving vlogs, can't remember which one