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  1. I just tried out http://www.asus.com/us/site/motherboards/x99/ and it worked. I am kinda disappointed there is no TUF series board.
  2. I am currently running Internally 1x WD 640 GB drive because when they came out they were very fast (4kb sectors if I remember correctly) (it is my boot drive) 2x WD 1500 GB drives because they were the biggest I could get at the time 3x WD 2000 GB drives because I lost 4TB of data on my 2TB Seagates Using a custom 6x sata power cable I made for my corsair PSU. that is using all my 6 internal sata ports Externally 1x WD 2000 GB external passport drive I am running out of space probably getting another WD 2000 GB external drive. all but the 640 GB drives are running ExFAT with