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  1. Thanks for all the help! Good thing a lot of people still test with R15 for cinebench so performance can be directly compared to CPUs since 2013.
  2. @Eigenvektor I appreciate the response! I think I'll go down the route of taking a fixed price. As for benchmark I think maybe I'll take several such as cinebench and come up with different weights to average out the scores? Really the project doesn't need to be technically perfect its more centered around the analysis and I think even with some flaws I can still get a pretty good idea of which factors influenced the trend the most.
  3. I was thinking of using passmark to measure CPU performance since they have the numbers for tons of CPUs but if you have suggestions on a different benchmark to use that would help!
  4. If you're reading this I hope you're doing well at home. As the title says, I'm doing a regression analysis (finding a trend using data of variables/factors over time) project for a class and I wanted to do it related to Computers. One thing I've always been interested in is CPU value (performance per dollar) has gotten a lot better and I wanted to observe this trend over time. I need your help! Factors/variables I've been thinking of: Revenue of the PC gaming market, Market caps (company value) of Intel and AMD, Market Caps of internet companies such as Google (biggest cons
  5. I switched the graphics profile in Radeon settings from gaming to standard. My pc currently has a R9 270x. That got rid of the noise. It’s not sticky keys btw. That’s not a windows sound if you watch the video.
  6. As shown in the video, there's this beeping noise when I press the shift key in Black Ops 2. I just got this PC so that's the only game I have downloaded lol. I've never heard this noise in my life. I thought it was sticky keys but I know that sound is different and I had that disabled. Thank you for the help. IMG_0714.MOV
  7. Thanks! I highly recommend spending 10-15% more on a 1070 if it's available in your area.
  8. Definitely best finding I've ever made on the used market
  9. first sentence. seller was moving across country next day and needed cash fast
  10. Story: The seller was moving across the country and could not bring it with him, so I got this tricked out Origin Millennium for only $700. Specs: CPU: i7 5820K cooled by a 360mm Asetek AIO MoBo and RAM: Asus X99 Deluxe 3.1 paired with 2x8Gb DDR4 GPUs: 2x980Ti EVGA reference PSU: Corsair RM1000 Storage: 2TB HDD (which I chose not to use and instead put in an SSD) This is my first prebuilt high end PC. Like most of you, I have always built and upgraded my PC. Review: There are some things I really liked and disliked about my new PC.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up. No hard feelings
  12. Could be nickel plated but I doubt it. Temps aren't that bad but I have to crank up the fans a lot higher than I'd like since it's summer. I'll repaste with something of quality if things get worse.
  13. Don't be stupid and believe that someone who's had much more experience than you on LTT hasn't already tried looking things up.
  14. Does the 980Ti reference use copper on the baseplate? I want to use liquid metal with it which won't work with aluminum
  15. run an administrative command prompt (cmd) and type in slmgr /upk (This uninstalls the key)
  16. I have an i7 5820k and 2 980ti's in SLI. Running the Windows 10 creator's update
  17. Good luck to whoever is kind enough to use their time to help you because you live in Poland yet you linked all your build component prices from American stores.
  18. My bad. That's an interesting choice by Asus. It makes it a lot easier for AM3 users to transfer
  19. Also, the 1800x is pointless when the 1700 can be overclocked to around the same for $100+ less. I have no idea why people buy the 1800x unless it's for a microcenter combo
  20. You actually need AM4 mounting hardware from NZXT separately. This made a lot of people angry because NZXT took a long time to send out mounting brackets
  21. Sir you have one excellent sample of Hawaii GPUs. Just shows how relevant they still are even after 2 generations of new cards have come out
  22. Good selection, I'd spend a bit more on the board because A320 is not an overclocking chipset. But it's really up to the OP whether they value GPU over CPU power
  23. No it's an AMD CPU, it's completely different from an Intel CPU. An i5 is an Intel CPU