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  1. Well then, I had a Sapphire 6870 that decided it was time to annoy me and die. Right now I'm using an even older Asus 5850 I think it's high time I change gpu
  2. Amazing projector, it is really small but looks beautiful in the video
  3. I am using an old membrane Logitech one, time to upgrade it to an awesome one
  4. The Sagitta Spectrum mouse of course, because of RGB and because I don't really like the keyboard design (and I have a new shiny keyboard anyway). Time to replace this absurdly old Razer (crappy) Lachesis mouse
  5. Obviously because it's faster and it is high time I upgrade my 6 years old HDD
  6. Kova black, I love high DPI and it has more customizable buttons
  7. Like most I like the the fact that it is extremely tiny compared to a desktop
  8. The Aria headset looks awesome, I would love to to get it to be able to replace this crappy Razer headset I've had for years. I've been meaning to replace it for a while now
  9. I have an old/awful/broken piece of junk named "Razer Mamba 2012" which I need to replace. I've been waiting to replace it since I'm going to build a new Skylake rig soon, current rig is 6+ years old. High time I changed it :lol:
  10. It is 2560x1440. No it is not, several peoples already own one too btw. Just take a look over at overclock.net in the official topic about this monitor for images.
  11. ULMB works only between 85-100 Hz on this monitor, that's what he was talking about. If you use G-sync you can go up to 144Hz as normal. You can't use ULMB and G-sync together anyway.
  12. Vessel: Terabyte Favorite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy