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    I7 4790
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    H81M S2H
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    16GB 1600MHz
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    Asus Strix ROG 1080TI OC 11Gb
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    H440 2015 Edition
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    2 X 1TB HDD 1 120GB SSD
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  1. @Mister Woof @tikker @Dedayog @Somerandomtechyboi I have solved the problem! It is because on the Nvidia control panel my "power management mode" was on "prefer maximum performance". I changed it to "optimal" which has solved the problem. I know when I have my fans on
  2. Its not happening to me so we can confirm that Amazon hasn't been hacked, yet
  3. My room has a portable AC and the recorded temp is 22.3C
  4. I've also noticed that it's on load right now but I only have chrome and discord up
  5. Sorry for the lack of info, I bought this 1080 Ti new around 2 or 3 years ago and it always idled at mid 20s to low 30s but has started to heat up for no real reason. My case has adequate air flow or I think at least because of it working fine before hand. This is quite sudden. I can typically play games like CSGO without the fans spinning and causing it to only reach 55C
  6. load temps typically reach 60C
  7. Hi, does anyone know why my 1080 TI is running at 55C? Thank you :)
  8. Has anyone tried putting the Tesla gaming pc (from the car) into an actual pc case?
  9. pfff all of you guys thinking TFLOPs matter, we all know where true power comes from: RGB. wait for the future with rainbow teslas wizzing about!
  10. Don't even consider SLI, very few games utilise it anymore. Linus did a video on it and I think he mentioned that there were less than 12 games that use it
  11. just wait for stock to become less scarce IMO, I ordered my 5900x in mid December and am expecting it no sooner than March according to my retailer. I'm expecting this date to be pushed back tho because it's happened 4 times now. I wouldn't recommend putting yourself into financial concern just to get a 5900x after your tax refund. Also, don't bother buying the other parts like ram and mobo before cpu because if you change your mind, or decide waiting for the 6900x, you probably wont be able to return the parts.
  12. My I7-4790 used to go up to 100ºC during idle on liquid, this is what I did. I reapplied thermal compound resulting in my idle going down to 25-30ºC. but only do this if you feel comfortable.
  13. I want to but I fear that in 4 years i'll regret not waiting an extra month for an extra year or 2 of solid performance Thats what my gut is telling me but i'm become impatient now (considering this is the 4th delay), also, I want to get the Far Cry 6 code because they extended the redemption date from the 31/12/20 to 30/1/21 (UK format) which I have tried contacting them a few days ago raising my concern but with no progress
  14. Hi all, I bought my 5900X off ebuyer on the 14th of December and their stock delivery is getting pushed back non stop. I am expecting to have it in my hands no sooner than early March. I have all of the parts just sitting waiting to be assembled, so I cant return and wait for 6900X. Now I want my pc to last 5-6 years for gaming and light photoshop, am I best off waiting or just getting the 5800X and sacrifice the 5900X which to me seems like a lot of performance to loose. Thanks