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    i7 5820K @ 3.30GHz
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    Windows 10 64 bit Pro

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  1. Have you checked if you have 2 adobe flashes in chrome via chrome://plugins, that could be also a cause, I remember vaguely that it happened in a beta version awhile back.
  2. Try disabling all extensions, see if that helps and enable them one by one till you find the one causing it, I doubt a clean install will fix it, it has to be in the extensions themselves.
  3. Some installers will say Everyone or Just Me, though as mentioned most will be shared with everyone.
  4. It wasn't allowing the one to move the view left to work as if it was "active" in a way. I did notice that the ahk icon in system tray was there and so was the other one but no action presented. I checked via Win+Tab and it was still desktop 2, should of returned to desktop 1 and even then there is an animation so I would of seen it move to the left.
  5. A friend approached me a few weeks ago about making a macro for his keyboard that would play the shortcut Win Key+Ctrl+Left and another one for the same shortcut just with Right at the end. I thought it was a simple task turns out its a lot harder or I'm looking at it the wrong way. The way I approached it was via my macro recorder on my own keyboard, after doing so I assigned it to a macro key, pressing it only gave me the start menu (btw its supposed to move your view to the next virtual desktop on WinX) I did this using Steelseries Engine. Next I used AutoHotKey I know my way around and I m
  6. You have to just change the drive letter for the installer to make the folders you are missing itself.
  7. Shift + Right Bracket key. Works for all types of "brushes", eraser included
  8. The reason I do it is so people can see inside it 'cuz I know what's in it. Jokes aside I do it because my printer is on the right apart from being more left hand dominant so its easier for me to access ports and stuff.
  9. Well I got to region and its been loading for a while even after a refresh the result is the same. I can't verify your finding.
  10. Did you check what are the operating times, some sites don't offer 24/7 online support. I didn't check Intel to verify, just saying.
  11. Then keep it and re adjust lol. You can do some light gaming, i.e Hearthstone and some MOBAs with "decent" fps. Couldn't of said better yourself its your wants not needs. In the end you decide.
  12. Like everyone said before me, most programs are still 32bit. Google does offer 64bit Chrome, by default you download 32bit. Nothing is wrong, some programs have 32bit added to the icon name therefore it appears once you hover over it. CS:GO is a 32bit program last time I checked so nothing wrong there either.