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  1. Ahh thank-you for clarifying that. I had a look at Floatplane and it wasn't clear which videos were for which game.
  2. Hello everyone! I noticed on Twitch that Linus has been streaming Diablo and now Diablo 2, I am at work during these streams and can only watch for a very short time before I have to go. I would love to watch them back, are they archived anywhere? It is not appearing on the past broadcast section of the twitch channel. Do I need to subscribe before it appears or are they not saved? Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone! I am having an interesting issue that maybe some of you might be able to help out with. Firstly, I have the LG C6 series OLED, the Yamaha RXV-2081 Amp and an Xbox One S. With Gears of War 4 being HDR, I decided to give the console version a spin to test it out. Having the Xbox One S connected to the amp, and then the amp connected to the TV, the console states that it supports HDR and everything else, however the game nor the TV will recognize this fact and in order to get it to switch I need to connect the console directly to the TV. (
  4. Hey everyone! I work at a prominent electronic retailer and our fancy UHD TVs (talking about the Samsung curved 9000 series stuff and top end LG's offerings, all display the credit roll of Avatar nice and smoothly. On my Asus ROG Swift at home (still using blu-ray either on PC/PS4), the credits exhibit a slight stutter as they scroll up the screen. The players we use in the store are just the stock standard Sony BDPS1200. I am still learning about refresh rates and whatnot and am just wondering if anyoen can shed some light on how to get he best experience on my home monitor or explain why
  5. Mine would have to be that laser focus. 'Cos lasers..
  6. Hmm How would I hook them up to everything? I have my PC and consoles but I run the consoles through HDMI in my receiver. Thanks for your response though.
  7. Hello! I am considering purchasing the Swan M60 5.1 speaker system but am unsure if the sub-woofer is able to be properly connected to my AV receiver. I have the Yamaha HTR-3066 receiver. The inputs for it are able to be found via the following link: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/av-receivers-amps/htr/htr-3066_black/?mode=model From what I understand, the standard speaker wires can be used for the satellite speakers but the sub-woofer looks as though it connects differently from the very few pictures I am able to get of it's back. I have sent the store an email asking the same
  8. I'd love to see Stewart Cheifet who was the host/co-host from the old TV show 'The Computer Chronicles' that aired from the '80s to early 00's. It would be interesting to get his opinions on how tech has progressed and so forth I reckon. Here's a link to one of the episodes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5_doCwi608
  9. Heya! I recently bought a new LG 27 inch IPS 1440P monitor. It is brilliant. I can't decide to use sRGB or Adobe RGB though. I am primarily a gamer but do watch the odd blu-ray now and then. Is there an objective assertion as to which standard is 'better'? I use Adobe RGB at the moment as it seems more vibrant and pretty to me but my friend verbally slaps me saying i need to be using sRGB. Is he right? Thanks <3
  10. I also play PC games quite a lot and would be able to make use of the 1440p res. (I have the specs for that, two 780's for example) but was just concerned that the console titles would look shabby when up-scaled on the screen. Thanks for the responses everyone.
  11. Sorry if this sounds totally stupid but if I invest in a 1440P monitor, I'm assuming consoles will upscale the games and so forth to be full-screen without black bars/box around the image. Is this correct? The monitor in question is http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=558_1368&products_id=23346 Thanks everyone.
  12. If I boot up my PC after turning it on at the wall, the thing will start and a second later, turn off again. It will then automatically turn back on after two or three seconds and everything is fine. If I shut it down but do not turn it off at the wall, the next time I turn it on, it will start normally. I have checked the power supply connections and re-seating components, updating and resetting BIOS but it hasn't worked. I've also tried using a different power socket in the house. This never used to happen with the PC and only started occurring a few weeks ago. It's a high end LGA2011, 39
  13. Thanks for the advice so far. I have two 780's SLI, 3960x etc etc so I can reach 120fps most of the time. I do watch a fair amount of tv/blu-ray content and lay down on my bed propped up with three pillows to help with the viewing angle.. The higher res of the LG would help bring it to the 60fps range I guess. I'm planning a complete new haswell-e build for end of next year so maybe I will wait and see what's out at that time I guess. Thanks guys <3
  14. Hey everyone. I am tossing up between these two LG IPS panels. http://www.scorptec.com.au/computer/48885-27ea83r LG 27EA83R http://www.scorptec.com.au/computer/48886-27ea83b LG 27EA83 I currently have a 120hz Asus VG278H panel. I have slowly stopped using the 3D feature, but will probably miss the 120hz refresh rate if I go IPS. Do you think one of those panels is worth getting? Thanks for your input!
  15. When I first bought my rampage 4 extreme x79 with i73960x it wouldn't post sometimes and was very touch and go (crashing/hard-locking etc) until I found that an ATX mounting screw in my corsair 800D was shorting it (bit too hasty in building it haha) ... It does sound like your situation is a faulty board though.