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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to iCoNrant in Ryzen 3600 idling at 70, too hot?   
    Edit : 3600 comes with wraith stealth
    3600x comes with wraith spire 
    3700x comes with wraith prism rgb
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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to Neutrino in i7-5820k Overheating After Lapping   
    Issue solved! Figured it's polite to actually follow up with the end result instead of leaving yet another mysteriously silent thread with no conclusion because the OP couldn't be bothered to post an update.
    Took the AIO all apart again (Lepa Aquachanger 240) and drained it completely except I filtered it through a coffee filter. Next I ran vinegar though the hoses and radiator and let it sit for 5 min. Let the cold plate and pump housing sit with vinegar on them for 10. Flushed with vinegar, then tap water, then did a bunch of flushing with distilled water. Quite a bit of gunk came out. Put the drained and filtered original liquid back in and topped it up with distilled water and reassembled it all. Installed it back in my tower and it's cooling just fine! Even better than pre-lapping, actually, so in spite of the problems I caused myself, I was still successful 😂
    I know that putting in fresh coolant would be best, but the point of the project was to spend as little money as possible so I just put the old coolant in. When this thing dies, I'll probably switch to the Arctic Freezer II.
    I think what happened is that when I topped it up with distilled water the first time, I did a LOT of shaking to the hoses and radiator and ran the pump for brief 5 second intervals to get any air bubbles out. I think the combination of shaking it a lot, and running the pump multiple times, cause debris to break loose and then pile up at a single choke-point and that was killing the flow-rate. And of course the low flow-rate meant it's cooling capacity went to shit.
    Lesson learned!
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    wONKEyeYEs got a reaction from Moonzy in What's a good monitoring software? :)   
    Asus has their Fan Expert software to control CPU and case fans plugged into the MB and MSI Afterburner will do the GPU.
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    wONKEyeYEs got a reaction from Apollo8 in Is my intel i7 6700k cpu preventing high frames?   
    There's your problem, you're missing 4 threads.
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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to jonnyGURU in Which psu is better?   
    They're both garbage.
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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to Rugg in What program to download youtube video/songs for free on Windows laptop?   
    The youtube-dl software hosted on github is open source and has tons of contributors. You can trust it.
    Web based stuff I'd be suspcious of.
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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to thrasher_565 in Fan LED dimming when fan speed is lowered   
    sounds normal to me.
    you would have to de solder the leds and hook em to a steady voltage
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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to Tristerin in I tried mining with nice hash   
    I mean, no it shouldnt be an issue - but since you think its destroyed something....I would DDU the drivers off and back on the system.  If you mined for a few minutes...that would not be the cause of the GPU going bad
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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to Slottr in Does this HD audio thing go in the Front Panel Audio Header?   
    #25 on this diagram

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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to FakeKGB in Does this HD audio thing go in the Front Panel Audio Header?   
    It should be called "AAFP".
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    wONKEyeYEs got a reaction from HeyKitty in My wireless G700s mouse is finally failing. What are yall buying these days?   
    You are so brave to admit that in public.
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    wONKEyeYEs got a reaction from jordanjmdurno in Can you fix a blown power supply?   
    If you are able a true sine wave UPS would prevent any future problems.
    I have one for each of my three PCs.
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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to michalj82 in RGB Air Cooler for Ryzen 9 5900X or 5950X   
    Any air cooler may be RGB if you'll install RGB fans on it.
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    wONKEyeYEs got a reaction from Shrekpad in Upgrade CPU or GPU   
    That would depend on whether your tasks are CPU dependent or GPU dependent.
    If you are gaming, then def GPU.
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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to PlayStation 2 in VHS to DVD in 2020   
    You can play regular VHS tapes on an S-VHS player and a D-VHS/D-Theater player. Some VHS machines can play back S-VHS machines if they happen to support Super Quasi Playback. 
    If you're worried about VHS quality on any player, look for a VHS player with 4 tape heads (they'll almost always advertise it on the front) or look for an S-VHS player that happens to have a time base corrector and/or its own image processing system. Yes, an S-VHS player would be better at playing back regular VHS tapes, but not massively so unless you find one with the aforementioned features.
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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to Soyo13 in Lian Li TU150 Air Flow...   
    Be aware that the rear exhaust fan will be a tight fit with this case and heat sink. Some people opt out the exhaust fan due to this, I wouldn't as it get pretty warm with my build with four Noctua NF-F12, three intake (Bottom and front), and one exhaust (Rear.)

    Don't forget to get dust filter for the bottom, does not come with one.

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    wONKEyeYEs got a reaction from Quackwich in Looking for new labtop   
    Marble is good for a lab top.
    As is stainless steel.
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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to Jurrunio in Need some suggestions on if this is good or not.   
    Could get much cheaper if RGB LEDs are mostly gone, and also not having an SSD is a sin for any PC over $400 these days
    The case comes with fans but it's still limited in airflow because the front is sealed off
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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to JoostinOnline in fps drops when adjusting volume?   
    Adjust the volume from your speakers or headset instead if it bothers you. The game loses focus when the volume overlay comes up, which means a short stutter. The same thing happens to me when I pause/play Spotify and its overlay appears.
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    wONKEyeYEs reacted to Master Disaster in fresh windows intall error   
    That error means there are corrupt files and Windows cannot boot. I'd start by recreating the flash drive and if possible using a different flash drive entirely.
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    wONKEyeYEs got a reaction from marshel in How To Interpret S.M.A.R.T data?   
    ID: The ID number of the attribute, good for comparing with other lists like Wikipedia: S.M.A.R.T.: Known ATA S.M.A.R.T. attributes because the attribute names sometimes differ.

    Name: The name of the SMART attribute.

    Value: The current, normalized value of the attribute. Higher values are always better (except for temperature for hard disks of some manufacturers). The range is normally 0-100, for some attributes 0-255 (so that 100 resp. 255 is best, 0 is worst). There is no standard on how manufacturers convert their raw value to this normalized one: when the normalized value approaches threshold, it can do linearily, exponentially, logarithmically or any other way, meaning that a doubled normalized value does not necessarily mean “twice as good”.

    Worst: The worst (normalized) value that this attribute had at any point of time where SMART was enabled. There seems to be no mechanism to reset current SMART attribute values, but this still makes sense as some SMART attributes, for some manufacturers, fluctuate over time so that keeping the worst one ever is meaningful.

    Threshold: The threshold below which the normalized value will be considered “exceeding specifications”. If the attribute type is “Pre-fail”, this means that SMART thinks the hard disk is just before failure. This will “trigger” SMART: setting it from “SMART test passed” to “SMART impending failure” or similar status.

    Type: The type of the attribute. Either “Pre-fail” for attributes that are said to indicate impending failure, or “Old_age” for attributes that just indicate wear and tear. Note that one and the same attribute can be classified as “Pre-fail” by one manufacturer or for one model and as “Old_age” by another or for another model. This is the case for example for attribute Seek_Error_Rate (ID 7), which is a widespread phenomenon on many disks and not considered critical by some manufacturers, but Seagate has it as “Pre-fail”.

    Raw value: The current raw value that was converted to the normalized value above. smartctl shows all as decimal values, but some attribute values of some manufacturers cannot be reasonably interpreted that way (for the details: Wikipedia: S.M.A.R.T.: Known ATA S.M.A.R.T. attributes).
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    wONKEyeYEs got a reaction from Ben17 in Need Help. How to RGB - NZXT   
    I have just the fans, no kraken.
    The Hue+ gets connected to an internal USB 2 plug on MB.
    The HUE+ gets connected to molex power on PSU. Yeah, molex.
    The fans power plugs get connected to MB fan headers.
    Then you daisy chain the fans with the in/out cables and only the first fan in the chain gets connected to HUE+.
    I had to order the adapter straight from NZXT for the NZXT led strips I bought separately.
    They are plugged in series and into the other led channel on the HUE+.
    Each HUE+ channel, there are two, can handle 40 leds.
    The fans each have eight so up to 5 fans on a channel.
    The NZXT led strips each has 10, which is why some effects won't match up with fans and led strips. They could have set the hue to ignore the last two lights in the strip in that case but...
    As far as the kraken goes, it would make sense if you could plug it's led cord into one of the daisy chained fans.
    But that's just a guess.
    Oh, I just realized you are purchasing the NZXT USB2 internal hub too.
    You don't need that if you have a free internal USB connector on your MB.
    If not then you will need the HUB and the NZXT HUE+ can connect to the HUB instead of an internal USB 2 plug on MB.
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    wONKEyeYEs got a reaction from Billy Pilgrim in What song are you listening to right now.   
    Those Mongolians know how to Rock.
    I think it's the horses.