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    reiderj8 got a reaction from iWearKiltz in C: user defined strings and files   
    Maybe try to take out the escape \ from the input. I know that you need a \\ to get a \ in C. However, looking at the output, it looks like it is not working at expected due to the string prints out like "home\\Documents\\...".
    My guess is that get_s may remove the need to use the escape \ due to the fact normal users would have no clue that they need to type \\.  
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    reiderj8 got a reaction from Majinferno in Should I be concerned about this being out-dated? [update]   
    From the developer side, languages don't really change. When a language does change it is mostly under the hood compiler optimizations and less actual changes to the language. Therefore it is more accurate to say that the language did not change, but the compiler has changed. Most of the time you can compile old code on a new compiler and it will build just fine unless you have really compiler optimized code. Here is a example of a change in the c language. Before, it was a compiler error if you tried to declare a variable in the for loop declaration, but in a newer compiler, it says that this is ok and does not throw a compiler error.
    //legal in older c and also runs on c99 compilerint i;for(i = 0; i < 10; i++) {...}//not legal in older c, but runs on c99 compilerfor(int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {...}
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    reiderj8 got a reaction from Inimigor in Help with college programming task   
    Just google sql keywords. It's been a while since I worked with SQL but you should be able to set the columns when you create a table.
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    reiderj8 got a reaction from Bansh33 in Guild Wars 2 LTT Guild?   
    I'll join. I just started playing again after a long break. I main Mesmer but have been leveling a ranger.
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    reiderj8 got a reaction from Builder in Begginer with C, Help!   
    In C, you should always declare the array size. If you don't, you could run into some nasty seg faults errors that are not easy to debug. Another note for OP would be to always declare your char array to be a size of one larger than what you need because C always ends it's strings with a null terminator ('/0'). 
    For Example if I declare a string as:
    char string[] = {'t','e','s','t'}
    when you try to print it, it will look something like this: testjhfdkhafhagfdhjkasd. It will print out garbage until it finds a null terminator. And this could also result in another seg fault error.
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    reiderj8 got a reaction from seiny in Learning to code Android   
    I learned from thenewboston. Great tutorial but it is a little long.
    Coursera.com also offers free Android classes, but it is only offered at certain times so it is something you have to look out for and then delicate a lot of time for instead of going at your own pace.
    Finally, there is always a good book. If, you know Java fairly well, then all that you need to really know is how to get things setup. 
    I would recommend this book. It is not too expensive and it is very detailed in setting up and using advanced Android libraries.