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  1. @TwilightLinkThink of it as a biological virus. It can't infect a host that it wasn't intended to run on. A Linux distro can't run a MS Windows process. You are safe to copy multimedia files and dosuments onto a pendrive, then format the infected drive just to be sure.
  2. Clear CMOS. Either by using the jumper on the botom right where it says CMOS or taking out the flat battery out of the motherboard for about 30 seconds. Edit: I assume it isn't a freshly built system and it worked before.
  3. get a 400-500 Watt PSU from a reputable brand. I saw chinese cheap PSU blow up and take whole system with it. Pain in the ass and fire hazard. Friend of mine had cheap 250 Watt PSU take out his motherboard + HDD.
  4. great idea, you can safely extract needed files with a linux live cd onto another drive. then you can nuke the infected drive.
  5. Alphacool is overengineered German quality product. But then again, I'm biased.
  6. Disagree, for multimedia I take 16:9 over anything else. Imagine the black bars watching a 21:9 movie on a 3:2 display! For multimedia 16:9 is perfect.
  7. Look at the notebook segment as a whole. 90 % are 16:9.
  8. most laptops are 16:9. It is what the TV industry dictates.
  9. Go used by all means. Check this out:
  10. It depends on resolution, fps and quality preset used. i7-3770k is no slug either, used to be Intel's top of the line consumer CPU. Unlocked multiplier you can OC it to 5 GHz if you are lucky. I have an overclocked i7 5820k 6-core CPU (x99 platform!) and it struggles to do 1080p 60 fps encode with OBS (x264) on anything higer than veryfast quality.
  11. Thing is, every OBS source is additional load on CPU. Comparable to AfterEffects compositing in real time. Most streamers use overlays and web sources for alerts (checking URLs every second or so), webcam source also needs encoding so now your CPU has 2 video streams to encode.
  12. @handymanshandleinteresting. 60 fps? What happens if you add OBS overlay with text, animation and web sources for alerts? Oh and picture-in-picture webcam source like most streamers.
  13. I would love to see the dropped frames and which preset you use. @handymanshandle - someone who wrote a 70 page thesis about video quality of H.264 vs NVENC for livestreaming purposes.