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    i7 4770k @ 4.2ghz
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    Asus Maximus VI Hero Z87
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    4x4gb Kingston Hyperx 1866mhz
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    EVGA GTX 1080 SC2 ICX
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    Phantom 410 White/Blue
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  1. sounds like he just downclocked the card in some software making it slower LOL
  2. So 24 modules on each side of PCB so 48 per PCB? so that means its 512gb per. So they could actually make 200TB drive with 1GB modules or even higher. Samsung has QLC 2TB modules which would be 400TB.
  3. Wouldn't waste the money when DDR5 is coming in 2 years with Zen 4.
  4. Think you mean Budget the Best x570 are over $250 cheapest x570 if can even find them are $149.99
  5. ebay is no go now they charge tax in almost every state even on broken and used items. According to PCPartPicker New Prices New 2060 $295 New 2060 Super $370 New 2070 $390 Used 2060 $270-300 Ebay Used 2060 Super $375-390 Ebay Used 2070 $386-420 Ebay
  6. 3800XT not worth it until it becomes 3800X price. Currently 3800XT is $399.99 in US and 3900X is $399.99-419.99 in US which has 4 cores/8 threads more.
  7. same way you clone 2.5". Clone one drive at a time. load Acronis click clone disk make sure click right source disk which has that data. Then it asks which Target Disk which would be new m.2 SSD. might have to change the partitions size around i cloned 120gb to 250gb and new 250gb turned into 120gb so i had download another third party software called EaseUS to change the size back to 250gb
  8. paid $300 for my used GTX 1080 you can also find used 1070s for $200
  9. B&H Photo preorders i5 9600k $279.99 i7 9700k $399.99 i9 9900k $529.99
  10. can get i5 2400 dekstop for this price off ebay why use core 2 duo its way slower they even have i7 2600 and i7 3770 desktops for around $100-150
  11. can get used 1070 for around $230 on ebay if wait for 15% site wide promo day under $200
  12. for 1440p you will want 1080Ti or 2080 if using high refresh rate.
  13. 1080Ti only worth it if can get it for under $600. 2080 will be faster once drivers are optimized you can see GTX 1080 2016 drivers vs 2018 10-20fps difference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_TlwEyU5rY
  14. most likely will be patched https://www.techspot.com/article/1687-freesync-on-nvidia-gpu-workaround/
  15. only thing can do is use LEDvisualizer from nvidia to change lighting