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  1. Informative
    nanowatt reacted to fpo in Help a brother out, i need to find a song   
    Googling lyrics typically helps. 
    Do you remember any? 
  2. Informative
    nanowatt reacted to tikker in Help a brother out, i need to find a song   
    Do you remember any of the lyrics or band name at all, a time frame?
    I found 
    Ingrid Michaelson - Time Machine (probably not, not really soft at all )
    Six Part Invention - Time Machine
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    nanowatt got a reaction from 2Buck in LTT The Terrible Manga (insanity warning)   
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    nanowatt got a reaction from decrazy1 in Can I turn my PS4 into a PC   
    I don't think you understand how a ps4 and a pc works...
  5. Funny
    nanowatt got a reaction from vanished in How not to upgrade your pc   
    Lucky bastard found a brand new asus 7970 platinum. Some warehouse was cleaning old stock and found a bunch of those. He got it with 100$. 
    As for the cpu, a g3258, not a bad one, but god damn does it hold that card back
    The ram is fine, he has a single stick of 8gb.
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    nanowatt reacted to -TesseracT- in Gaming lost its spark   
    To some people it's just a part of getting older.
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    nanowatt reacted to MrDynamicMan in Gaming lost its spark   
    Try a different genre or take a couple weeks break. Don't force yourself to lay just because you used to enjoy it. 
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    nanowatt got a reaction from 007psycho in My pc doesnt boot?!   
    Type AMI BIOS Release Date 2016-10-19 Version 1.9 File Size 6.97 MB File Download Description -  Supported next generation new Intel CPU.
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    nanowatt reacted to huilun02 in I need a new mouse, suggest me one   
    Cougar 700M
    Asus ROG GX1000
    I have never used them. Never owned an aluminium body mouse.
    Which one should you get? I dunno.
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    nanowatt reacted to ShadyHost in Recommend me a monitor   
    There should be plenty of 2560x1080 ones for sub $500

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    nanowatt got a reaction from NaLu in HTC M10 leaks   
    How they have fallen.I will stick to my m7 till they actually change something.
  12. Informative
    nanowatt reacted to Sunshine1868 in How does dual lan controller mb work?   
    You will not get higher bandwidth or higher speeds.
    The only way to achieve this would be to ensure the MB supports a link-aggregation protocol such as LACP. Doing this however requires that every device in the network that you want this larger bandwidth to "touch" ALSO supports LACP. Most consumer-grade hardware (switches, routers, etc.) DO NOT support link-aggregation in any way. So unless the ISP's device supports LACP and you are allowed to configure it, no, your bandwidth will not be any higher.
    As for what really happens: your Network Interface Cards (NICs) will simply be assigned 2 different IP addresses, one primary and one secondary. your PC will likely fail-over to the secondary if the primary fails. 
  13. Informative
    nanowatt reacted to Altecice in How does dual lan controller mb work?   
    I dont believe it will give you larger bandwith, they will just show up as Local Area Connection #1, #2... Im not sure if you can team them together but I doubt it will be enabled by default.
  14. Informative
    nanowatt reacted to Enderman in How does dual lan controller mb work?   
    you will get redundancy not higher speeds
  15. Informative
    nanowatt reacted to Str_Mape in Am3 in am2+ socket   
    They use the same pin out and there's a bios that says it supports AM3 CPU's, go check the CPU support list for that specific board to see which ones will work.
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    nanowatt reacted to QueenDemetria in Am3 in am2+ socket   
    It looks like that one is the best for that board.
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    nanowatt reacted to mikat in Running your system 24/7   
    it's never better to run something more, but as long as you're not overheating you're fine 
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    nanowatt reacted to zMeul in How should and ssd behave on SATA2?   
    don't forget to install all those chipset drivers
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    nanowatt reacted to leadeater in How should and ssd behave on SATA2?   
    @nanowatt Out of interest do you happen to know the CPU that is currently in the computer? Depending on what it is you might be able to pick up a really good upgrade on ebay for very low cost, like an i7-860/i5-760.
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    nanowatt got a reaction from scottyseng in How should and ssd behave on SATA2?   
    Thank you everyone for your time.Stuff is clear now, he needs that shit on sata3.Best of wishes, happy new year and may the new one be better for you than 2015.Cheers
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    nanowatt reacted to leadeater in How should and ssd behave on SATA2?   
    Well the issues you describe essentially have nothing to do with the speed of the SSD or that it is plugged in to a SATA 2 port, bar the opening of mozilla itself but even then I doubt the speed of disk access is the bottleneck.
    The bottleneck for the issues you describe is most likely the internet connection and/or the CPU in the computer. For general browsing and the initial loading of a youtube video the amount of bandwidth isn't the biggest factor, latency determines how snappy pages load. Also the ability for your CPU to process the page or video has a big effect on this. My really crap laptop that has an AMD E2-1800 CPU with a Samsung 850 Evo loads pages extremely slowly and is just generally crap, my desktop which is an i7-4930k on the same internet connection load pages MUCH faster.
    Also an Intel SATA 2 port will not limit the IOPS of an SSD that much, only it's throughput. On my Asus Rampage IV Black (X79) the ASMedia SATA 3 ports are slower than the Intel SATA 2 ports, by a significant amount too.
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    nanowatt reacted to Agent181 in Notebook hard drive   
    notebooks, ultrabooks, laptops same crap 
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    nanowatt reacted to WoodenMarker in Notebook hard drive   
    Notebooks are basically smaller laptops. The terms are often used interchangeably. 
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    nanowatt reacted to Josephdalepi in Notebook hard drive   
    yes you can
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    nanowatt got a reaction from Shoob in What song are you listening to right now.