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    Lacrosse | Technology | Razer | Follower Of Christ |
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    Carter was born in Yakoska Japan on November 23 1999. Through out Carter's life he has always helped people, and thanks to God's gift he is a master in all things technology. Carter has lived in over 20 different countries.
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    Video Editor


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    I7 4790k
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    32 GB
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    EVGA 1080
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    Razer NZXT
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    x2 1tb Samsung SSD
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    800 Semi-Modular
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    x2 Acer
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Razer Naga Hex
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    Isound Water Speakers, Jaybird X2,
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hello, Recently I have been having issues with my Razer Siren X USB microphone. When my mic is unmuted it has an electric crackling noise that sounds like it is receiving too much power. Sure enough, when I use USBDeview it says it is providing 500mA of power, while the microphone says it is rated at 5V 200mA. I have tried different microusb cords to no avail, any advice?
  2. I would assume a Jaybirds X3 review is inbound at somepoint?
  3. I love this monitor, cheap and just works, no VESA mount but it has some great color and is fine for gaming, unless you are pro league cs:go. AMAZON
  4. I think the worn look would be perfect for a Halo Case, IMO
  5. Although it's not the biggest hassle, just time and the technique could make it or break it. I think this could look awesome if you just have time, which Is hard in this modern day.
  6. The way I am making my decision is actually based on the vp's, how much influence would they have in the office and so forth. But still, it will be interesting this year.
  7. I have had the krakens at my house, and used the 518's at work. The krakens are awesome for their customer support, support, stuff like that. The 518's are much more comfortable, better sounding and just lasted, but lack the microphone.
  8. Umm, I just googled EA servers, and it was like downreport
  9. I would think so too, but then you have to remember they are EA
  10. It sounds like you may have tablet mode on, or turn on in some conditions, make sure that is disabled and then if that does not fix it, go to ease of access center and make sure osk is disabled there.
  11. According to some sites, servers are acting jankey around Spain and the EU, that could be an issue.
  12. Are your internet speeds adequate? Besides that, It could just be a bug in the software.