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  1. Thanks for your opinion. If you do not see a market nor demand for this service your opinion is noted without any problem however dont try to spin a negative narrative behind the idea because i specifically listed many reasons why the whole operation would be created with good faith in mind. Capitalism brings efficiency either you like it or not. I guess you want less overall PPD because "evil people" like me are trying to do something positive. it was a very clever marketing to get people to fold on an idle PC. You cant tell people "hey can you run this thing 0-24? thanks". Nobody t
  2. Hi, thanks for your input! Maybe a shorter 15day contract for 87.5$ sounds more reasonable as an option? Yep, Germany and other palces have like 0.3c kW/h pricing. its expensive at some places to just fold. FYI vast.ai is actually more expensive for a month than what i suggested here so im not sure why you saying thats cheaper and this is more expensive. (hence you can use that rig for other things as well) I also stated at the other comment that its better value just buying your own hardware but thats a drawback for any renting service. We do not want to "break in" to the general c
  3. Thank you for your input and i appreciate you letting us talk about it. Since its a really DYI community, its obviously worth to buy the hardware and fold on it yourself especially with 1-2 card. However you have to deal with noise, heat (after 2-3 card you have a 1kW/h heater essentially), hardware malfunctioning, and you also need the space. Server renting considered expensive compared to just buying the hardware no matter what company or service you looking at but you also forget important things like that the servers cooled and maintenanced as well not to mention it wil
  4. Yup, redirecting that folding PPD to your folding name is certainly an option as well. Edited the topic including it
  5. No. Our company have connection to order 30seres even on bulk with decent shipping time. flipping these would be irrelevant to our company revenue
  6. Hello boys and girls. I convinced some people at my company to start a cloud folding service on the side if there is a demand for it. We have the capability to scale up to do a +100 GPU farm if we see big demand for it in the future. (Our company do not rely on this income, this is just a side adventure and also trying to increase F@H overall PPD) If there is demand for it we can allow people to rent out even multiple 3080 GPUs which would be specifically tailored to do ONLY folding with the best efficiency possbile. First of all this service would be in good faith and the GPUs would on
  7. i ll be an nvidia fun no matter what but im curious how d this perform against my 690 LUL
  8. i have to say this sellout video is the best commercial video for that ultra short throw projector. i d definitely buy or even just try one out.. but dmn that thing not cheap so.... probably mission abort and i ll let the rich people have fun FeelsBadMan
  9. This is how the new LG monitor would look on my desk VS the cold reality with some twitch emotes hope u like it. Twitch users will definitely understand it Kappa
  10. This is how the new LG monitor would look on my desk VS the cold reality with some twitch emotes hope u like it. Twitch users will definitely understand it Kappa
  11. theknystar username https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy i cri evri tim... my 720p-1080p gaming experience so poor compare to that. i have the same fps :lol: https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf i feel like i live in a cave after this video :lol: