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  1. I did a 2-minute stress test, took the card out, opened it up and lo and behold, the VRM's were quite noticeably hotter to the touch (I know very stupid but I knew the risk) compared to the actual graphics chip.
  2. Premise I have had this card for a good number of years and over time I can only imagine that components will start to degrade. However, in this instance, it's the temperature at this time I am looking at the sensor monitoring in GPU-Z and the Temperature is 81c at 0% load and with a Core clock of 300MHz. This is completely outlandish. What I think the issue is I have re-applied thermal paste 4 times now, twice with generic compound and twice with the Grizzly Kryonuat. With each application, I applied a different amount and a different method. Each applicati
  3. Stupid example sir. Driving a car is using it. Playing a game is using the game. The game wasn't played nor opened so it is still new. Unless you count finger prints on the unopened wrapper is classified as being used.
  4. Less like bricks and more like slates.
  5. Hello sir. I think you're missing the point here. When Apple purchased these chips from intel they knew the specification of the chip, what it required and how they should implement it. Intel did not hide this information its public knowledge in fact a quick google search would reveal all the information you need on the required cooling that this chip would need. Apple are to blame, they thought an i9 chip wouldn't require much more than an i7 and then made a presumably conscious decision to not make any changes to their cooling solution or form factor of the MBP.
  6. I agree. Can change a game from being unplayable to playable which is nothing short of good news depending on the users setup.
  7. Please read my whole post. I thought I typed it in a clear and easy to read manner. But I was mistaken it seems. These hackers would probably hold ideals of the USSR if they were indeed from Russia. It wouldn't be out of character for a country such as Russia to have informants and hackers placed in key countries such as America. For example in mainland UK there was the Salisbury poisoning linked heavily with Russia and all but an open and closed case that they are still very active in methods used during the USSR period. The USSR emerged in 1922 and ended
  8. Well I would agree, there are likely still elements and members in Russia that still would hold some ideals that were around during the period of the USSR. To me it doesn't seem unlikely that this happened. The world is a bitter and savage place; with people that can and do hold grudges even as the country itself moves forward.
  9. I love buying a ritual alter to connect to my WiFi.
  10. Lol DVD quality. America truly is the one of the worst examples capitalism. I'm sorry for all the users on this who live there and deal with getting shafted in the ass while saying "we just have to take it" in northern Ireland we have more ISPs than America.
  11. Is this not suppose to be tested before implementation into the live version? Seems like bad practice to make a change directly on the live site without testing on an offline version
  12. I didn't realise there were so many ten year olds in this thread that wanted to throw all their toys out of the pram. Can a mod clean this up?
  13. What school kid wouldn't prefer that anyway? I know I'd prefer to do that than have to do it quietly or not at all because the teacher was a strict dick. But I've been out of school a long while so don't know what schools are like now.