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  1. Update: I have configured my Ram to use the XMP 2 profile (still 3200mhz) and I have manually set the Ram voltage to 1.4v. This seems to be the most stable I have gotten so far.
  2. Thank you for educating me on that. I have already tested with bios factory defaults as outlined in my OP
  3. Thank you for that, what makes 3200 an overclock? I thought that was just the speed it runs at. That is the speed that is specified on the RAM product page, am I missing something?
  4. Hello everyone I just picked up some upgrades and I have been experiencing some crashing ever since. I reinstalled windows as part of my upgrade. When Running Aida64 stability test with memory testing disabled it runs fine but when memory testing is enabled it fails after about 10 minutes. I have: Resorted Bios to factory defaults - This gave me a Aida64 hardware failure error message. Used XMP profiles 1 and 2 - both gave AIDA64 hardware failure error as well. Manually set RAM speed to 3200mhz and tested using 1.40 and 1.45 volts and these combinations
  5. Ask as many questions as you want I'm glad to give back to the community, next time I play I will check and report back!
  6. I get anywhere from 110-140fps depending on the map and what part of the map, that's with everything on ultra except for AA
  7. im just going to sell my second r9 290
  8. I popped out one of my R9 290's and was getting a very smooth 130fps im very happy with that. staying single! It has so much potential, playing BF 3 with 144fps and nothings wrong then going to BF 4 and this mess, its a shame.
  9. thank you to all that helped me out, atleast i learned a little about overclocking
  10. ok heres the scoop, i got off track and forgot what the main issue here is. I overclocked to 4.3 and played some BF 4. CPU usage around 80% and GPU usage was the same as as it was. all over the place. nothing was overheating or throttling so as i t stand im going back to a single GPU config until theres an update.
  11. yes this helps, so what voltage do i not want to go over? i hear to stop at 1.3 is this true?
  12. here is the highest i was able to get
  13. Oh in the video its desabled but I don't have that option I set it to level one