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  1. I'm looking to buy the HP 27x as my next gaming monitor, it has a freesync range of 48-144hz, but i would like know if it works with G-sync with the latest Nvidia drivers?
  2. Most likely either a defective card or psu.
  3. Just set it up to run for the time i'm out of the house, cheers for bringing this to attention.
  4. Grandma having her phone not charging, tell her to go buy a new charger that fits it Mirco USB, show her a picture (looks like this). She then phones me later that the charger does not work... She sent me a picture, and she had bought and old 40 pin iPhone charger, cause it was on clearance so it should fit, but it's an modern Android phone with Micro USB. It in no way could imaginably fit the phone cmon... Tell her to return it have that happen a few time more... I then proceed to buy one myself and drive 2 hours just to deliver her a new one...
  5. Thanks man, was really looking for it.
  6. Would something along the lines of an FPGA programmed to convert x86 instructions to ARM RISC, such that thre wouldn´t be a need for hypervisor to handle the x86 instructions and slow down the ARM processor, be feasible?
  7. Since you guys have done now the Amazon Basics Gaming setup, and The monoprice Setup. How about a mass drop edition "stuff" gaming setup?
  8. If it´s a Small form factor and doesn´t weight too much, it´s fine. I´ve done it a few times just got a few Glaring looks at why i´m bringing a Pc, but no problems.
  9. Boot WIndows in to Safe Mode and Use the DDU uitily to completely nuke the Graphics drivers, then restart and proceed to reinstalling the new driver. Sometimes this is necessary as simply doing a "Clean install" from the Nvidia driver installer still leaves bits of the old driver behind and causes conflicts.
  10. As far as i know I phones are a status symbol in china, so if your phone looks like an iphone from afar, you´re the cool person. Also in Schools in china afaik. you are more taught to analyze how a thing is, what it looks like and how it works, and not as much as how to create something from that, it´s just easier to make the same thing.
  11. China's Huawei uses "dubious" tactics to try to reverse engineer technology from Apple and other competitors in the electronics market, a report charged on Monday, The possibility of Huawei stealing design of Apple parts, and manufactures recognizing the parts, and refusing production. https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/02/18/huawei-cloning-apple-parts-rewarding-employees-for-tech-theft
  12. The channels comment´s are so much tamer than other channels comments, think about the "Hate comments" you see are the ones that the auto-moderation system deemed appropriate. So if that passes trough the cracks imagine what get "stuck" in the filters. Meanwhile what seeps trough here is so tame, that it doesen´t even compare to those.