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  1. I know I'm a little late to this party but I just want to give some explanation. The design sucks right now. Anybody with eyes can see that. But it's our first iteration. I've been working on some huge back and front end updates that address tons of the complaints we've been getting. We'll have some news on that soon.
  2. I don't know why you guys are saying it's hard to implement, it's literally just one if statement. @LynxThe1st I've made it so that if a member has 0 old reputation that this row will no longer be visible on their profile. (Effective after the next update.) I definitely don't think we should remove it for everyone though.
  3. Netbeans is not a bad option but IntelliJ is definitely the best imo. But it doesn't hurt to try them all and see what works best for you
  4. At least she didn't seem to be hostile to the idea, so I would just call it ignorance - much better than knowing the facts and still being transphobic I guess
  5. We could possibly have randomized patterns so they're all unique and easy to tell apart, but unfortunately I have a looonnggg list of other stuff that needs to get done right now :\ But I really like this idea so if I have nothing to do one weekend this might happen.
  6. I think having multiple default ones would be good, but I don't agree with forcing people to upload one.
  7. this is being addressed in our first major update which is coming soon
  8. Putting the finishing touches on our first update to LTT 2.0 - tons of improvements and addresses many user reported issues

  9. That's not even remotely under my control. I'm just a developer - I don't actually manage any community stuff. As far as this forum being dead - it's definitely not. Speaking from experience, I have nothing but good things to say about our forum team. They've made some changes, but I have complete faith in their decisions. Even after release, I've been working tirelessly to improve our software and design. We're in it for the long haul, and we're going to slowly evolve from here.
  10. I personally think we should rename the good point button to thumbs up, because agree and good point are the same thing and having a thumbs up button would be a good general option if none of the others apply.
  11. I use an 11" macbook air so I don't have that problem (I know the screen is tiny, but portability is important)
  12. OS X does not have a registry. OS X applications handle their own configuration and data storage and are generally self contained. As for trackpads, I think Windows users should never even touch a trackpad because they all suck. Mac is an entirely different story - if you're using OS X with a mouse you're doing it wrong. For some reason Apple puts no effort into making mice efficient to use in OS X, especially for things like Spaces and Launchpad. However, the trackpad on my macbook is amazingly efficient. It's so close to the keyboard that I don't have to move very far to
  13. Making the old design compatible with the new back end would honestly be a huge waste of time - my focus should be on making the new design better instead. As for the theme you posted, that's also incompatible. We've made so many changes to the front end to support our custom features (advrep, awards, best answer, etc.) that 3rd party IPS themes (and even the stock IPS theme) are just not compatible. That doesn't mean that we're leaving your problem unaddressed - I have been working on updates and improvements to the new forum non stop since release. O
  14. didn't implement this specific suggestion but I did make some changes to the latest topics widget to reduce the height in the upcoming update (possibly this weekend)
  15. fixed in an upcoming update (possibly this weekend)
  16. This is a good question. I use Macs for web development because they're built and designed extremely well, and because OS X is UNIX based. IMO with the MBP Apple has found the perfect balance of power, battery, display, thinness, etc. Apples trackpads are still second to none. More important to me is the fact that OS X is based on UNIX (FreeBSD specifically) which means that Apache and PHP run natively in a Linux-like environment. It's much easier for me to predict how code will run on our Linux based servers when developing on OS X. IMO OS X's interface is also much better. There's no weird m
  17. Thanks for bearing with us guys. As with any major software transition, we are having some day one issues. Please, if you don't like something or have any ideas, share it with us. We're getting quite a lot of feedback right now so we won't be able to reply to everything, but we're doing our absolute best to read it all. For LTT 2.0, we have a brand new development workflow that allows us to push updates much more rapidly than we did before. The design is going to iterate and get better fairly quickly. Right now I am working on stability improvements for Awards and Advanced Reputation
  18. thank you all for bearing with us through these day one issues - our new dev workflow allows us to push updates very rapidly, so hopefully we can get stuff fixed pretty quickly.

  19. can't wait for you guys to see the new night theme, it's on a completely different level than the old one

  20. Servers are expensive. We are providing a service, free of charge, to you. I can't blame people for using adblock because of certain ads on certain sites affecting usability. However, I think LTT uses ads in good taste. Please understand people using adblock on this site does cause real damage and we would probably be able to do a lot more stuff if people didn't use it. As far as the ad being inside of the box that the post is in, I think that just looks bad from a design point of view - it should be outside of the box and below the first post. I'll make sure this gets fixed