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  1. OK, so every time I use my computer i feel like i'm going against the clock. Every few hours under no stress the monitor connected to my GPU goes grey and crashes my computer. I have a second monitor connected to my CPU's graphics which still continues to project the last image before the crash after the computer is unusable making it fairly easy to deduce there must me some fault with the GPU. Anyone else suffering from the same issue or resolved it in the past? any help is appreciated. many thanks
  2. I run two monitors, one from onboard intel graphics and the other as my main display off my 7870. Recently whenever I go ingame it plays normally for approx. 2mins then the fans get outrageously loud and the video card stops outputting a signal. I am experiencing no other abnormalites so i can assume the power supply is fine as it is powering everything else without a hitch. I just need someone who knows the problem or has experienced the same to confirm or deny that my graphics card is the problem or whether it can be fixed or that i should replace it. as always thank you guys and girls a
  3. bf4 isn't even a finished game wait for the next bf4 update and if yo are still having problems ring up ea. It's happened to me before but it seemed to fix it self.
  4. Guys feel free to add more funny pc related photos or whatnot... or just pity me and laugh at the same time.
  5. thank you this might exactly what he needs! i'll search for one now people like all of you that replied or tried to help are the reason why i love this forum
  6. lol i think he already has but it needs improving it shall be done by thursday and then we can push the campaign of this avi to burn his retinas
  7. but guys im already FaZe!!1!!
  8. its ok i didnt expect to hear from a medical proffesional on here so fire away with ideas anything is better than nothing!
  9. is the speech command in mac osx known to be quite reliable? but the main issue with this is parkinsons has attacked his vocals so he slurs and mumble a hell of a lot but thank you very much anyway
  10. My great uncle has suffered from parkinsons for 10 years and is deteriorating quite rapidly now. He is having to change alot of stuff in his lifestyle to even survive. But this is a matter of enjoyment I suppose, My Grandpa Skypes him as he lives in Boston and we're in the UK. It's just a way for him to connect to his family and is really a lifeline for him. Now though he cannot even see the screen properly and if you're familar with parkinsons you know it causes shakes. This means he cant even control the mouse or see what he is doing; making it a whole lot harder for him to communicate with