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    47,000 Ft of Cat6A Please
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    Central Florida's Marshland
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    Networking and Basic computer building
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    Ima CAKE!
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    Estimating Software / IT for PKFlooring inc.


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    AMD FX8350 4.8GHz OC
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    ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
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    16GB DDR3 Corsiar Vengance 1600MHz
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    EVGA Black GTX 1070 8GB
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    Corsiar C70 Gun Metal Black
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    250GB Samsung EVO SSD, 4TB Segate E, 1TB WD Green 2.6TB Network Storage
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    EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 750W Gold
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    Acer A231H 23", Samsung SyncMaster BX2440 24"
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    NZXT Kraken x40 + Corsiar SP and AF (120+140's)
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    Rosewill Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RK-9100BR with Cherry MX Brown Switch
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    Logitech M705 Wireless BT
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    Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB Headset
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
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  1. So i did a windows update and it seems to have fixed it. Maybe rolling back an update would fix it for anyone else if they had the same issue.
  2. So this happened a couple of days ago my Logitech G933 mic just stopped working mid game in Warzone. I was talking for about 40mins before my buddies were wondering why i was so quite. Checked all my settings in discord and in windows. Nothing had changed. I also reinstalled the Logitech drivers and still nothing seemed to be working. Its as if the mic itself just....died. No Detection, No voice on my Sidetone. Nothing. So i decided to pick up a new head set. I got the Steelseries Arctis 1 wireless. I figured it would be a good temporary until i could figure this out or get more permanent repl
  3. We already have daily backups of our systems to and offsite server and I have spare equipment. I was trying to look online but their so many guides each one different so i was unsure which one to use. No i haven't seen the Microsoft doc, I will take a look at that!
  4. Firstly, sorry, if this is in the wrong place but I wasn't sure which category this falls under. Anyone know a good setup guide for Exchange 2016/2019 for someone who has never dealt with it before? I had picked up a PowerEdge R420 SFF Refurbished for cheap in hopes to move my fathers company off of their old IMAP email service with GoDaddy Since its up for renewal and GoDaddy wants to charge him $800+ just to move over 10 users to their Exchange Hosting (not including the hosting cost of exchange). I personally hate godaddy becasue they try and get him to buy services he dosent need so
  5. Compared to most of the modified cars around Orlando that are putting down 500 to 900 hp on the street its pretty slow lol. But hey i still get 26mpg on 93oct which is better then a factory GT ?. Lights are mostly for shows and events, especially when i have the police strobe red/blue on them. Although in the past 2 years i haven't seen anyone else with that kind of set up. Its a 2014 GT Fog Light housing and its a direct fitment for 2015 with standard H11 RGB bulbs.
  6. My slow 15 Mustang Under the Hood: -Stock Motor and Turbo (2.3) -Cobb Accessport V3 -Tune+ Pro Tune by Adam Brunson -AEM Brute Force Cold Air Intake -ETS Front mount Intercooler (anodized gold) -C&L Bypass Valve Adapter - Black -MBRP 3" Catless Downpipe T409 SS -MBRP 3" MBRP XP Series Cat-Back Exhaust w/ Y-Pipe - Race Version -NGK Plugs PreGapped for Tune+ spec -MSD Red CoilPacks -Mishimoto Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank - Black Wheel Setup: -Forgestar CF10 Wheels 19x9 (Front) 19x10 (Rear) -Billet Aluminum Hubcentric Spacers - 1" all 4
  7. Well nevermind found the Clone SSD drive which is about a day old so that works, (Cloned the drive for more storage space). Lesson learned; read Roles and features more thoroughly.
  8. So a temp 2012 R2 server im testing messed up with Server Essentials being installed for backup services, Im 99% sure this is a domain issue. The accounts set up on this server (locally) are supposed to log into "PKF-Paul", "PKF-Greg", however now the usernames log into "PKF-Paul.PKF-SERVER" or "PKF-Paul.PKFLOORINGINC" and so on, The issues with this is the user accounts on the local machine (Not Domain acc's) contain user files but the other accounts do not, and are acting like new logins. so when the users log in they don't have the users configuration or files. I have no intention of settin
  9. DC Sports HHC5528 Heads and either Invidia Q300 (CL9) or MagnaFlow 15640 Cat-Back exhaust
  10. My 1999 Honda Accord EX V6 3.0L I know its a Honda but it was free and i love the J30a1, got it in near perfect condition too! Too bad the 6th gen auto tyranny sucks! P2 Manual's have no problems and the swap will cost me less than a rebuild so ill be driving stick soon. Just finished Throttle body spacer and Struts. Mishimoto rad, DC EXH Headers, Spark plugs/wires + distributor, and Invidia full Catback Exhaust are next after that? im not sure. maybe just restore the exterior to factory new (replace fogged cracked lights, weather striping that's got dry rot, and paint cuz
  11. Every time i get pulled over i admit i was speeding and apologize, usually i have something else on my mind and that i did notice my speed. I never show hostility and get mad because they are just doing their job. Gotten out of every ticket so far. Also helps to have a DUI Sarg as your best friends dad to get you out although not all cops are not good most so far that i have met are genuinely nice people
  12. Just called, Amazons system goofed, they reset the shipping info and it says its out for delivery right now according to USPS tracking. Lol
  13. will do, also wanted to see if anyone else had this issue!