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    Wangan Boiz
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    Brisbane, Australia
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    Ride bikes, play games, void warranties.
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    Uni student in Australia
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    Not really sure exactly what I do but my business card says COO at Iscariot Media


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    4670k @ 4.6ghz 1.3V
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    ASUS maximus VI hero
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    2x8gb Corsair Vengance Pro Red 2400Mhz 11-13-13-35
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    SLI GTX 770s
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    corsair 750D
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    2TB WD Green, 3TB Seagate Barracuda, RAID 0 HyperX3k 240GB
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    Silverstone strider 750 watt 80 plus silver
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    Benq RL2450H x3
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    Ducky Zero TKL - Cherry MX blue.
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    Razer Deathadder 3.5g
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    HD 558s
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    Win 10 pro 64bit (based dreamspark)
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  1. Does anyone know of a USB C hub that is just more USB C, i dont really need more USB A ports but i want more USB C on my desktop. Needs to be 3.0, could even be a 5.25inch bay device as long as its actually accessible from the front of the case.
  2. Right so here is the equipment i currently have USB/XLR Mic Schitt Magni 2 Uber Desktop Computer Laptop Computer Phone HD558s Basically what i want to do is have all 3 devices share a single mic input and have a unified audio output so that i can be in calls and listen to content from all 3 devices at the same time. I know this would require some kind of mixer but i have absolutely no idea what a setup like that would actually look like. Would it require 2 mixers or something absurd like that.
  3. Its been done before but your probably still in for at least $400 because you are probably gonna break some stuff and have to start again
  4. Would that remove the ability to use the HDD mounting plate in its standard position on the window side of the case or does its mounting not rely on the shroud.
  5. Can anyone with a Define R6 enlighten me, does the HDD mounting plate attached to the PSU shroud and would it be possible to remove it without affecting the functionality of the case other than the obvious reduction in rigidity
  6. does anyone have a link to that live stream that linus and sevedus did where they built the server from this video i cant find the thing for the life of me
  7. does anyone have a link to that live stream that linus and sevedus did where they built the server from this video i cant find the thing for the life of me. I
  8. its 15:30 vs 17:15 so a bit over an hour and a half which is still well out of margin of error and would be considered a significant difference for most devices.
  9. I wouldn't really call 2 hours spitting distance, both are still best in class by a significant margin with the extended batteries though.
  10. Both laptops support the same i7 6600u at the top end but the x260 has a 95.2Wh battery vs the 49.5Wh in the T460s. Thats a pretty significant boost in capacity. Lenovo themselves are saing 25 hours vs 10 hours. Difference between a solid work laptop and the ultimate road warrior machine. 49.5 95.2
  11. Don't go saying the T460s is king when the x260 will do over 21 hours with power bridge.
  12. obtained a thinkpad x230 and good timing to because someone has found out how to mod the bios on these things to enable all the buttons on on the classic thinkpad keyboard if you swap it. Also waiting on an triple usb 3.0 expresscard and a few case feet to make this a bit nicer.
  13. xx20 and xx30 thinkpads work with eGPU solutions over expresscard. T4xx/T5xx also have socketed cpus which means you could put a quad core in there if you wanted.
  14. explain, based on what i can see its a macbook running windows with a real gpu and in black. Hardly a bad thing.